Elon Musk predicts 'Twitter 2.0' will have 1 billion users a month by 2024

Elon Musk predicts 'Twitter 2.0' will have 1 billion users a month by 2024
Elon Musk listed the features Twitter 2.0 will have in a tweet on Saturday.Maja Hitij/Getty Images
  • Elon Musk said the number of users signing up to Twitter was at a record high.
  • By 2024, he predicted that the social media platform would have a billion users a month.

Elon Musk has predicted that Twitter will have more than a billion users a month by 2024 as he continued to implement changes to the platform.

In a Saturday tweet, the new owner shared slides from his "Twitter company talk" listing features he plans to include in "Twitter 2.0" – a term he's using to refer to his vision of the social media app.

Responding to a user who quote-tweeted him saying "This what failure looks like to the left," Musk said: "I think I see a path to Twitter exceeding a billion monthly users in 12 to 18 months."

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Twitter had 238 million users in the second quarter of this year, a spokesperson told Reuters last month.

One of the graphs the Tesla and SpaceX CEO shared showed signups were at a record high. Another, which appears to be out-of-date, shows active minutes were also at an all-time high.


However, Insider has seen data gathered by Global Wireless Solutions, a consulting firm, about Twitter usage based on the smartphone usage of 200,000 Americans.

It found that the number of daily sessions on Twitter between October 28 to November 19 was 3% lower than the period between October 2 and October 27, the day Musk took over.

Elon Musk predicts 'Twitter 2.0' will have 1 billion users a month by 2024
Number of daily Twitter sessionsGlobal Wireless Solutions

A recent internal report leaked to Reuters showed that Twitter was shedding its most active users, or "heavy tweeters." While they account for less than 10% of overall monthly users, they accounted for 90% of all tweets and half of the company's global revenue.

The document said a "heavy tweeter" logged in six to seven times a day and tweeted three to four times a week, Reuters reported.

Musk said in a tweet in April that some of the most-followed Twitter accounts, such as Barack Obama and Justin Bieber, rarely tweeted and "post very little content."


Another slide that Musk shared stated that Twitter was now recruiting after mass layoffs and resignations.

Twitter didn't immediately respond to a request for comment by Insider.