Employee says ChatGPT carries out 80% of his work duties, which allowed him to take on a 2nd job, report says

Employee says ChatGPT carries out 80% of his work duties, which allowed him to take on a 2nd job, report says
One worker said he used ChatGPT to generate written content and write messages to his manager.Reuters
  • Several workers told Vice they were using ChatGPT to work multiple jobs.
  • One worker, referred to as Ben, said he used the chatbot to apply for a second job.

OpenAI's buzzy AI tool ChatGPT is reportedly helping people hold down multiple jobs while keeping employers in the dark.

Vice's Motherboard interviewed several workers about how they were using ChatGPT in their daily work lives.

The workers' experiences tie into the overemployment trend, which was sparked when many workers capitalized on enforced remote work by taking on a secret second job during the pandemic. The trend, dubbed "overemployment," saw white-collar workers taking on multiple jobs to boost their income.

Ben, whose name was changed by Vice to preserve his anonymity, said he only applied for a second job after realizing he could use the AI tool at work. Based in Toronto, Ben helps financial-technology companies market new products. He told Vice ChatGPT had helped him do his job faster and more efficiently, leaving him with more time.

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Earlier this year, Ben told Vice he landed a second job after using the chatbot to write his cover letters. He told the news outlet the release of GPT-4, an updated version of the AI model that underpins ChatGPT, had made the jobs even easier.

"That's the only reason I got my job this year," Ben told Vice. "ChatGPT does like 80% of my job if I'm being honest."


He added: "I can just tell it to create a story, and it just does it for me, based on the context that I gave it." He told the outlet that he still needed to tweak the text at times.

Ben said he even used the chatbot to write messages to his manager, prompting the bot to write them in lowercase letters so they appear more organic.

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