Explained: Apple's Clean Energy Charging for iPhone that sets a new standard for sustainability

Explained: Apple's Clean Energy Charging for iPhone that sets a new standard for sustainability
Apple's Clean Energy Charging feature for the iPhone is a game-changer for environmental sustainabilityImage credits- Unsplash
  • Apple's Clean Energy Charging feature for the iPhone is a game-changer for environmental sustainability.
  • Clean Energy Charging is a new standard in iPhone battery technology, utilizing local carbon emissions data to reduce its overall carbon footprint.
  • With Clean Energy Charging enabled by default on updated iPhones, Apple is making significant strides in environmental conservation.
The release of iOS 16.1 went by without much attention, but its new feature for the iPhone, Clean Energy Charging, has significant importance. Despite the lack of fanfare, press release, or notable mention in update notes, this feature carries greater implications than meets the eye.

Apple unveiled Clean Energy Charging as part of the iOS 16.1 update. This new feature utilizes a carbon emissions report of the local energy grid to determine the optimal time for an iPhone to charge while connected to a charger. According to Apple, this technology can significantly reduce the carbon footprint of iPhone charging, but this feature is currently exclusive to the United States.

What is Clean Energy Charging?

When Clean Energy Charging is enabled on your iPhone and connected to a charger, Apple harnesses location data from your device to identifies the carbon emissions your local power grid generates. This information is then utilized to charge your device during periods of lower carbon emissions, even if that means slower charging.

With time, your iPhone will learn your charging habits, such as your regular charging and usage patterns. Clean Energy Charging can be applied accordingly, ensuring your device is charged when needed while simultaneously reducing your carbon footprint and contributing to environmental sustainability.
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To clarify, Clean Energy Charging is exclusively available to iPhone users within the United States. While Apple has not disclosed whether this feature will become available globally, the company has a history of launching features on a limited scale before expanding its reach.

It is important to note that Clean Energy Charging is enabled by default and automatically activated upon updating to iOS 16.1 or later. To access this feature, navigate to Settings > Battery > Battery Health & Charging > Clean Energy Charging.

Why Clean Energy Charging matters

Why does Clean Energy Charging matter? It may significantly impact the environment more than one might initially assume.

While the environmental effect of Clean Energy Charging on an individual basis may seem insignificant, it should be remembered that Apple sells millions of iPhones each year. Even a small impact can make a substantial difference when multiplied by millions of users.

Although some users may choose to disable this feature, it is worth noting that Clean Energy Charging is enabled by default, and most iPhone users may not even be aware of its existence. If Apple effectively schedules intelligent charging times, users may not notice the difference.

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