Future iPhones may arrive with Smart Magnetic Connectors, says report

Future iPhones may arrive with Smart Magnetic Connectors, says report
Apple has patented different types of Magnetic Smart Connector systems that might be used in the company's iPads and iPhones.

According to a PatentlyApple report, the Cupertino-based giant has patented various styles of smart connectors. The US Patent and Trademark Office granted the smartphone manufacturer a patent that details various smart connectors for chargers and smart accessories.

The patent application was filed on April 10, 2018.

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The patent is titled 'Magnetic surface contacts' and covers a range of applications relating to magnetic smart connectors.

Most of Apple's portable electronics product line-up has shifted to wireless charging right from the Apple Watch to the iPhone, with some devices being MagSafe compatible.


Meanwhile, Apple is reportedly working on two MagSafe battery pack models for iPhone 12 and one version of the battery pack is expected to feature reverse charging support.

With reverse charging, the battery pack will be able to charge an iPhone 12 while also charging AirPods from the other side at the same time.

A US Federal Communications Commission (FCC) filing published after the iPhone 12 series debuted last year revealed Apple's MagSafe protocol supports bilateral charging.

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