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Google Chrome for iOS gets smarter with improved translation, Google Lens, Maps and more

Google Chrome for iOS gets smarter with improved translation, Google Lens, Maps and more
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  • Google has rolled out four new features on Chrome iOS.
  • These new features will be rolled out in the coming months.
  • The list includes improvements to the translation feature, Calendar Events and more.
Google recently unveiled a range of exciting enhancements for Apple iPhone users who utilize Google Chrome as their preferred web browser. The tech giant introduced four notable features, incorporating upgrades to functionalities like Maps and Translate. Moreover, the update streamlines creating invitations on Google Calendar, making it more convenient for iPhone users.

For instance, Google has eliminated the need for app-switching when iPhone users come across an address in Chrome. Leveraging the power of artificial intelligence (AI), Google Chrome now detects addresses on web pages automatically. By simply pressing and holding on a recognized address, users will be presented with the convenient option to view it on a compact version of Google Maps directly within the Chrome browser. This seamless integration ensures that iPhone users can effortlessly access address information within Maps while using Google Chrome.

Let’s take a look at other features coming to Chrome on iOS.
Calendar Events
Google Chrome is introducing a convenient feature that simplifies the process of creating Calendar events for iOS users. Without the need to switch apps or manually transfer information, iPhone users can now effortlessly generate Google Calendar events directly within Chrome. By pressing and holding a detected date, users are presented with the option to seamlessly add it to the Google Calendar app on their smartphones or the web. In this way, Chrome automates the creation and population of the calendar event, incorporating vital details such as time, location, and description. This streamlined functionality enables users to efficiently manage their schedules without any hassle, as highlighted in the company's blog post.
Search using camera
Google Chrome users on iPhones will gain an exciting capability that allows them to utilize their device's camera app for searching purposes. By leveraging the new feature, users can conduct searches using freshly captured photos as well as existing images stored in their camera roll. To access this functionality, users can simply look for the Lens icon located in the address bar of Chrome on iOS. Google plans to gradually introduce this feature to users over time, enhancing their browsing experience and empowering them with visual search capabilities within Chrome on their iPhones.
Improved translations
The recent update for Chrome on iOS introduces enhancements to its translation feature. As part of the rollout, Chrome on iOS now provides the option to translate webpages into a user's preferred language.

"With advancements in our AI models, Chrome has become more adept at identifying the language of a webpage and suggesting translations. For instance, imagine you're planning a visit to an Italian museum, but the website is in Italian and you're unfamiliar with the language. Chrome will automatically propose to translate the museum's website into your preferred language," stated the company.

Additionally, Google mentioned that users can utilize Google Translate within Chrome on iOS to translate specific sections of a webpage.

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