Google opens AI search experiment to selected users for testing - here’s how you can sign up

Google opens AI search experiment to selected users for testing - here’s how you can sign up
Image credits- Google
  • Google launched an experimental search engine with AI capabilities.
  • SGE uses AI to answer your questions directly on the search page.
  • Users can sign up for Google's Search Labs to try out SGE.
According to a blog post published on Thursday, Google announced the launch of Search Generative Experience (SGE), an experimental version of its search engine that incorporates artificial intelligence (AI) responses directly within search results.

Unlike traditional Google Search, which displays a list of blue links, SGE leverages AI to provide answers to user queries directly on the Google Search webpage. Upon entering a search query, a green or blue box will expand, presenting a unique answer generated by Google's extensive language model, similar to the technology behind OpenAI's ChatGPT.

To generate these answers, Google extracts information from websites and references the sources it used. Additionally, users can pose follow-up questions within SGE to obtain more accurate and specific results.

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At the moment, the SGE feature is not publicly accessible and necessitates signing up for Google's Search Labs. It is important to note that Search Labs is limited to a select group of individuals.

Earlier this month, artificial intelligence (AI) took center stage at Google I/O. At the event, Cathy Edwards, Google's VP of engineering, emphasized that traditional Google Search often requires users to fragment complex queries into multiple questions, manually search through websites for relevant information, and mentally piece together the answer.


However, with SGE, AI technology can handle all of these tasks on behalf of the user, streamlining the search experience.

How to join the waitlist for SGE
  • Launch the Chrome web browser and sign into your Google Account.
  • Open a new tab in your browser.
  • If Labs is available to you, you will find an icon resembling a beaker at the top right corner.
  • If the Labs icon is present, click on it, and then select the option to ‘Join Waitlist’.
  • Once you have joined the waitlist, an email notification will be sent to you when Labs becomes available.
Google also cautions about the limitations of generative AI and acknowledges that its accuracy may vary. Google also advises against relying on generative AI for critical purposes such as medical, legal, financial, or other professional services.

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