Google unleashes AI-powered updates to revamp user experience on Maps, Search and Translate

Google unleashes AI-powered updates to revamp user experience on Maps, Search and Translate
Google unleashes AI-powered updates to revamp user experience on Maps, Search and TranslateImage credits- Canva
  • Google held a Search and AI event on Wednesday.
  • During the event, Google revealed some new AI-powered updates to its Search, Maps, and more.
  • Here's everything Google announced at its Paris event.
Google held a press conference on February 8th, which generated excitement and speculation about the announcement of their answer to ChatGPT. There were rumors that Google was intimidated by the chatbot and felt the pressure to release their version of a ChatGPT-like product, Bard, which was announced via a blog post on Monday.

However, the conference focused on the advancements in AI for core Google services such as Maps, Search, and Translate rather than a direct response to ChatGPT.

If you missed the event, the video is currently unavailable for viewing. However, you can take a look at major announcements in a summary below.

New Google Maps AI features

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Google's recent press conference revealed new developments for their Maps, Search, and Translate applications. These apps have received some innovative new features but do not include chatbot capabilities.
Google Maps gets an enhanced immersive view
Google has expanded the availability of its Immersive View feature on Maps, which was introduced last year. This feature utilizes AI to combine billions of Street View and aerial images to form a digital representation of the world. Google adds various layers to it, allowing users to see how a location appears in different weather conditions, check traffic, and gauge how busy a place is, among other things. Immersive View allows for street-level views and virtual tours of interior spaces, such as restaurants.


These life-like tours are created using Google's Neural Radiance Fields (NeRF) technology, which blends 2D photos into 3D experiences. Currently, Immersive View is available in London, Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco, and Tokyo, with plans to expand to Amsterdam, Dublin, Florence, and Venice in the near future.
Google Maps Live View has been extended to 1,000 indoor locations
With Live View, users can point their camera phone at their surroundings while using Google Maps, and the screen will display relevant digital information. Currently, Live View is available in London, Los Angeles, New York, Paris, San Francisco, and Tokyo, with plans to expand to Barcelona, Dublin, and Madrid in the near future. Google has announced that 1,000 new airports, train stations, and malls in various markets will also receive the Live View functionality.
New features for EVs with built-in Google Maps
Google Maps will utilize AI to suggest a convenient charging stop for your electric vehicle, considering traffic, your vehicle's current battery level, and the expected energy consumption for your trip. This feature is also available for shorter journeys.

Additionally, Google Maps will highlight fast charging stations, specifically those that support 150KW or higher, to speed up the charging process. The app will provide clear and concise navigation instructions, allowing you to keep track of your trip through the route overview or lock screen, regardless of the mode of transportation. You will receive updated estimated arrival times and turn-by-turn support, even when your device's screen is locked.

Google Search gets AI capabilities

In the near future, Google will introduce a new ‘Search your screen’ feature for Android users. This allows individuals to search for information related to the content displayed on their screens, whether it be photos, videos, websites, or apps, without leaving the app they're currently in. To access this feature, simply long-press the home button on an Android device to bring up the Google Assistant, along with the "search screen" option.

It remains uncertain if a similar feature will be available on iPhones, as Assistant on iOS devices is not Google Assistant. The feature can also be used for shopping purposes, allowing you to find similar products to the ones you come across.
Improved Multisearch
Multisearch is set to support soon any image that appears on the mobile search results page. If you come across an intriguing product during a search, you can use multi search to find a similar item that may better suit your needs.

Google Translate gets AI-powered contextual translation

Google Translate is getting a boost from AI technology in the near future to deliver more precise translations, especially for words with multiple interpretations. The app will provide additional context-based translation choices with explanations and illustrations.

For example, consider the word "row" in English, which has multiple meanings, such as a dispute, a line of seats on an aircraft, or rowing a boat with oars. Google Translate will soon offer translations for all of these meanings, along with examples of their usage. The enhanced contextual translations will be available in English, French, German, Japanese, and Spanish starting this month, with more languages expected to follow.

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