Here’s how you can use WhatsApp’s new call waiting feature

Here’s how you can use WhatsApp’s new call waiting feature
  • WhatsApp has started rolling out call waiting for Android users.
  • Call waiting was released for iOS users last month.
  • WhatsApp still does not allow users to put calls on hold.
Facebook-owned WhatsApp has rolled out the much-awaited ‘call waiting’ feature in its Android app. Apple iPhone users already had access to this feature as WhatsApp for iOS had been upgraded about a month ago.

The call waiting feature will allow users to accept an incoming WhatsApp voice call while they are already on another call. At present, the new call would get disconnected automatically and users would be informed about the missed call after the first conversation has ended.

How does call waiting work on WhatsApp

Call waiting feature on WhatsApp will be activated by default from version 2.19.352 for Android users. You will notice this feature only when you are already on a call. With the new update, the incoming call UI has been revamped.
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When you are on a voice call on WhatsApp and receive another call, you will get two buttons. On the left, there is a ‘Decline’ button and on the right, there is a green ‘End and Accept’ button.

If you press the ‘Decline’ button, the incoming call will be rejected, and you will continue with the existing call. If you press the ‘End and Accept’ button, the ongoing call will be disconnected, and you can talk to the other person.

In regular voice calls, you can put the call on hold while accepting a new call. However, this feature is currently not available on WhatsApp and you can either choose to connect with the existing call or disconnect the ongoing call and accept the second incoming call.