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How Shopify monitors its employees on Slack

Jordan Parker Erb   

How Shopify monitors its employees on Slack
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Shopify employees said the company is monitoring Slack conversations — and it's turning the once candid culture fearful and secretive.

Let's dive in.

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1. Shopify employees say it's increasingly moderating Slack conversations. As the company has embraced remote work over the past two years, employees said Shopify has implemented measures to discourage negative and off-topic discussions of the company and its plans.

  • Before the company transitioned to remote work, Shopify's culture was supported by typical tech-company perks, like free lunches, as well as some unique ones, like a yoga studio and a massage room.
  • But now, as the company grapples with building a genial culture while keeping employees productive and focused online, some employees say its open communications have become restrained.
  • Shopify even appointed "channel champions" — or volunteer employees — to keep channels focused on their stated purpose, with the intent to shut down conversations and even whole channels that became contentious.

Inside Shopify's Slack monitoring.

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Odds and ends:

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