Here’s how to enable the noise-cancelling feature on Google Meet

Here’s how to enable the noise-cancelling feature on Google Meet
  • Noise-cancelling feature will be available for some GSuite workspaces.
  • It will help remove noise interruptions during calls.
  • The feature will use cloud based AI to filter the noise and let your voice through.
Google has started rolling out the live noise-cancelling feature for Google Meet users in India. The feature filters out the unwanted background noise during calls. Sounds like door slams, typing, a crying baby or from a construction site nearby are cancelled or muted automatically and only the person speaking is heard on the other end.

A cloud-based AI will be used to intelligently filter out the noise while letting your voice through. The filtered voices may sound like it is clipped or distant, but it will help get rid of such noisy interruptions.

The noise-cancelling feature has been rolling out for GSuite workspaces that have the following packages: Business Standard, Business Plus, Enterprise Essentials, Enterprise Standard, Enterprise Plus, Education Plus, Teaching and Learning Upgrade, Workspace Individual Subscriber.

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It is on by default for some workspace accounts while you will have to turn it on otherwise.

Here’s how you can enable the noise cancelling feature on GMeet


On computers:
Before a video call
  • Go to and select a video call
  • Before you join, you will have to click three dots and then settings
  • You will have to select the audio settings and then turn on noise cancellation
  • You can then join the call with the noise cancellation feature enabled

    During a video call
  • At the bottom of the screen, click the three dots for more options
  • Then go to settings and select audio settings
  • You can turn on the noise-cancelling feature
On Android devices:
  • The noise-cancelling feature is disabled by default and can be turned on during a call
  • Tap the screen and click the three dots
  • Select the settings and tap noise cancellation
On iPhone & iPad
  • The feature is turned off by default and it can be turned on during a call
  • Tap the screen and click on the three dots
  • Select settings and turn on noise cancellation
You can also check how much noise is cancelled out when you join the meeting on the computer. It comes with a voice indicator that reflects what others may hear. The filtered out sound will not move the indicator.
Once you have turned on the noise cancellation feature, it remains on for all your future calls until you turn it off. The feature is only rolled out for the workspace accounts while it is yet to be released for the individual Google accounts.

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