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How to lock Safari private tabs on your iPad, iPhone or Mac

How to lock Safari private tabs on your iPad, iPhone or Mac
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  • iOS 17 lets you lock Safari private tabs by using your Face ID/ Touch ID.
  • Read on to find out how to lock Safari private tabs in simple steps.
At the recent WWDC 2023, Apple unveiled an array of fresh enhancements for native apps, notably Safari. In iOS 17 and macOS Sonoma, Safari now boasts of the capability to secure Private tabs. With this new functionality, you can ensure that unauthorised access to Private tabs requires the entry of your passcode or the utilisation of your Face ID/Touch ID.

If you're keen on activating this feature on your iPhone, iPad, or Mac, this article will guide you through the process of locking Safari's private browsing tabs while shedding light on the advantages that accompany this practice.
How to lock Safari Private tabs on iPad or iPhone
To begin, open the Settings application on your iPhone.
  • Locate and tap on Safari.
  • Within the Privacy & Security section, enable the option labelled "Require Face ID to Unlock Private Browsing."
How to lock Safari Private tabs on Mac
  • To begin, open Safari on your Mac.
  • Next, navigate to the menu bar and click on Safari.
  • From the dropdown menu, select Settings.
  • Within the Settings window, locate and click on the Privacy tab.
  • In the Privacy tab, find the option to enable "Require Touch ID to view locked tabs."
  • Enable this option to ensure that Touch ID is required in order to access locked tabs.
By implementing the lock feature on Private tabs, you can guarantee that your private windows remain inaccessible to anyone on your iPhone or Mac when you're not present. This feature is particularly useful when engaging in online payment transactions, as it adds an additional level of security. With the lock in place, you can confidently work on other tasks without the need to close your private tabs on Safari, as you won't have to worry about unauthorised individuals gaining access to them.

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