Five apps to keep your smartphone safe from security threats and data leaks in 2022

Five apps to keep your smartphone safe from security threats and data leaks in 2022

  • 65% of mobile users are unaware of data theft.
  • 75% of the top 100 Android apps in India have security vulnerabilities.
  • Here’s a list of the best free apps that you can use for securing your smartphone.
Today, smartphones are playing a major role in how people communicate, work, socialize, bank and shop. The number of smart mobile devices in the world has increased dramatically and so have the challenges to secure those devices.
A recent study by SkyQuest technology consulting found that 65% of mobile users have no idea what data theft is. The fact that so many people face the risk of having their private information and money stolen without even realizing, makes this statistic alarming.
In addition to this, a report from Evidence-based Insights states that 75% of the top 100 Android apps in India pose security risks such as network security threats and issues with SSL CA validation and certificate.
Maintaining the security of the data becomes important as we store sensitive data on our mobile devices. Therefore, here’s a list of the best apps that you can use for securing your phone in 2022.

AppLockGo by AppyHigh - Play Store/ App Store (Free)

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The AppLockGo keeps your phone apps secure by using a fingerprint lock, password, and pattern. It also secures gallery, SMS, contacts, different social media apps, Settings app and more. Besides this, AppLockGo features an intruder selfie and replaceable app icon covers for masking sensitive apps. With over 10 million downloads and a 4.4-star rating on the Play Store and App Store, this is one of the best picks.

Keepass2Android - Play Store (Free)

It is an open-source password manager application for Android devices. The application uses a database similar to Dropbox to store all your passwords. Also, you can access Keepass2Android from a desktop computer and an Android device.

OpenKeyChains - Play Store (Free)


The app helps you to communicate more securely and privately. It uses encryption to ensure that your messages can be read-only by the people you send them to, others can send you messages that only you can read, and these messages can be digitally signed so the people getting them are sure who sent them. Messages can be digitally signed with your private key so that recipients know they truly come from you.

Duo Mobile App - Play Store/ App Store (Free)

It allows you to add an extra layer of security by enabling a two-factor authentication service to make logins more secure. The application generates passcodes for login and can receive push notifications for easy, one-tap authentication.
Furthermore, you can use this application to manage two-factor authentication for other different applications and web services that use passcodes.

Mobileshield security app - Play Store (Free)

The Mobishield security app is an additional application that can restore your data online in real time while offering features like a location tracker, system scanner, encrypted vault, and traffic monitoring. Additionally, the app periodically scans the device for malicious applications.

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