Hyderabadi Satya Nadella 'insulted' by his own software as it calls Biryani a tiffin

Hyderabadi Satya Nadella 'insulted' by his own software as it calls Biryani a tiffin
Microsoft Executive Chairman and CEO Satya Nadella had a disagreement with ChatGPT and the software apologised. All this over Biriyani. ChatGPT is a popular AI-enabled software and a chat-robot.

Nadella asked ChatGPT to come up with the most popular south Indian tiffin items in the future and it came up with the usual suspects - Idli, Dosa and vada.

But among the options was biriyani and that seems to have left a bad taste in Nadella's mouth.

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He told ChatGPT that as a Hyderabadi, the software cannot insult his intelligence by calling Biriyani a South Indian 'tiffin.'

And according to Nadella, the software said, "I am sorry! "


And to keep the dialogue going after this, Nadella asked ChatGPT to create a play between Idli and Dosa over who was better. To add literature to the batter, Nadella asked the software to make the dialogue, a part of a Shakespearean play!

Nadella was speaking at the Future Ready Technology Summit in Bengaluru on Wednesday and decided to introduce the crowd to a light-hearted ChatGPT (popular AI-enabled software) conversation before getting into his presentation about the cutting-edge AI and Cloud innovation taking place in India.