Insider secrets you will love to know about Android's next avatar

Insider secrets you will love to know about Android's next avatar
Google's new Android 10 operating systemGoogle

In a recent announcement to the press, Google said its next release of Android codenamed as Android Q will be tagged as Android 10 instead. The company has also innovated some design changes to the Android Logo and the most famed mascot.

Google wishes to quit from the tradition of naming its products with dessert-based titles. The IT giant has declared that Android Q will be called as Android 10. Therefore, it becomes clear that the company will not adopt the alphabetical dessert naming pattern for its new releases.

Google explained that the new naming strategy and the changes in logo have been intended to make the names connected to the brand more accessible to the users across different markets around the world. The firm believes that earlier not all people were familiar with the names coined by Google.
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The other significant changes that Google has introduced pertain to the Android logo and mascot. Since its first ever release, the Android robot continues to be the company mascot. Over its journey with the Android products, the robot wore different colors from time to time including yellowish green, lemon green and bluish green.

Google opines that the color change visualized by the company does not follow aesthetic reasons alone. The said changes are aimed to resonate with the company’s policy to make the Android more accessible across all markets. The green color worn by the robot earlier was not observable to those with color blindness since green-red blindness is said to be the most commonly diagnosed category of color blindness. When more blue is added to the green, the visibility percentage is said to increase significantly to those who could not see the logo properly.

Alongside the new Android green, Google has also introduced a set of new colors including blue, navy, orange, chartreuse, and a unique shade of sky blue. These colors will be deployed across the packaging materials, visual assets and other design elements. These changes have also been contemplated to enhance the visibility and to complement the other brand colors of Google.

Google has also introduced some changes to the Android Robot. The text seen on the wordmark is to be printed in a different font that looks more circular with its curvatures matching with the pattern of the robot. The robot head has entered to Android logo and will be seen above or after the Android wordmark as appropriate to the context. Google has chosen to ditch the rest of the robot’s body from its branding designs while retaining the head alone. The robot head has also worn a new look with the antenna and eyes altered a bit to present a friendlier look.

In the same way as the wordmark, the curvature seen on the Android robot will also be implemented in other features of the UI design eventually as the idea has been inducted into the Material Design guidelines amended recently. The colors we talked above will also be accomplished prominently.

You will notice all these changes when Android 10 debuts shortly.