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iPhone & Media – Why the iPhone matters for content creators

iPhone & Media – Why the iPhone matters for content creators
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  • iPhone 15 series is expected to launch on 12th September.
  • The new iPhone 15 is expected to feature a telephoto lens
  • Majority of content creators are dependent on iPhones for making content
It is that time of the year again, when Apple is expected to showcase the world its new line-up of iPhones in September. And like every year, the excitement around the devices is roaring high. It’s not surprising considering how iPhones have revolutionized smartphones over the years. From the first generation iPhone in 2007, to the introduction of face ID with iPhone X in 2017 and eventually giving us the Pro models standing tall today with iPhone 14 Pro in 2022. While the iPhone has changed its shape and form over the years, one thing remains consistent – it’s camera performance. In the current media landscape where we have a content creator in every block, iPhones happen to be the most reliable device for videography. But how did this happen? And who are some famous content creators reliant on iPhones to shoot. I tell you in this piece including my own journey as a video producer with Business Insider India.

Content & iPhone
While the iPhones have always been a reliable source for videography, it was with the Pro variants that the situation got serious. In 2019 when the iPhone 11 Pro brought together the triple camera set-up for the first time. The A-13 bionic smartphone featured a 12MP primary sensor paired with a 12MP ultra-wide sensor and a 12MP telephoto sensor as well. Users now had an option to shoot professional grade videos at home. The colors were accurate, skin tones were natural and the 4K feed could be edited, rendered and exported for big outputs.

Since then we could notice the shift in content creation, with guerrilla filmmaking going mainstream. The ability of the device combined with the ecosystem advantage in iMac one can easily transfer data and get on with the day.

Currently with the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max, videography has gone to a new standard. The latest device from Apple features a 48MP primary camera paired with a 12MP ultra wide sensor and a 12MP telephoto sensor. The primary camera features Phase detection autofocus and optical image stabilization as well. The results are stunning visual outputs for both stills and videos.

Especially from a video perspective, the camera is powerful enough that Vishal Bhardwaj made a movie – Fursat using the iPhone 14 Pro.

Famous Content Creators using iPhones
While the iPhone has been featured by multiple content creators for its specifications, it is now also a primary camera for their feed. The buffet of content creators is as diverse as the content we see online today.

Auto coverage sees Doug Demuro in America shooting his videos with an iPhone 14 Pro, in India Faisal Khan is doing the same.

With sketches and comedy circuits we observe comedians like Bill Burr shooting skits with their iPhone. India is no different with famous Youtube channels like Filtercopy shooting their sketches using the iPhone.

Daily content like Vlogging requires a reliable camera, and the iPhone enjoys a hand in glove match here. India’s biggest Vlogger - Sourav Joshi uses an iPhone 14 Pro to shoot his content. This also embodies the ecosystem facet considering he edits his videos on a Macbook. With airdrop he saves time sharing his footage and is able to churn out content on time.

I relate to this particular aspect of content creation with all the creators mentioned above. Having produced over 200 reels for Business Insider India my go to camera has been my iPhone. While the majority of them were shot on my iPhone 12, I upgraded to the 14 Pro in April of this year. The variety of content shot also proves the reliability from the iPhone. I have shot cars, consumer tech and culinary videos as well from the same iPhone.

The jump in quality has enabled me to get better footage, showing details and resulting in getting more views. Every piece of content that has gone on the Business Insider India feed has been shot on an iPhone. This has accumulated over 10 million views in a year which is a number to marvel on.

Here is a list of some of our videos you must check out, all shot on the iPhone 14 Pro.
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Fun AI Websites

What’s next? And how will the new iPhone surprise us. The details aren’t out yet but there are some rumors doing the rounds.

USB Type-C port
With new EU regulations, the iPhone this year might finally say goodbye to lighting ports.

Dynamic Island
The iPhone 15 series this year might feature the dynamic island on all 4 variants.

4 new iPhones
Yes we can see 4 iPhones again this year - regular iphone 15, then a 15 Plus, a 15 Pro and a Pro Max.

Hardware Change
Revised touch sensitive buttons, yes the pro models might see touch sensitive controls for volume rockers, saying hard press buttons bye bye.

Upgraded Camera
Camera department on the Pro models might see an upgrade with an added periscope lens, for better long range photography.