Jarvis Invest’s risk management service to help investors know when to exit a portfolio

Jarvis Invest’s risk management service to help investors know when to exit a portfolio
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  • Jarvis Protect will help an investor to book profits and minimize losses.
  • Automated-algorithm based portfolio management tools are free from human bias and also lead to cost savings.
  • Such platforms also help investors scan and identify relevant stocks.
Jarvis Invest, an AI-powered stock advisory tool platform, launched Jarvis Protect, a risk management service. The service will enable investors to book profits, and cut losses from any portfolio uploaded on the JARVIS system.

Often, Do-It-Yourself (DIY) investors build their stocks portfolio based on unsolicited tips and rumours, without any authentic and validated exit calls. This leads to accumulation of junk or irrelevant stocks costing investors their fair returns.

Jarvis Protect is designed to address the challenge that DIY retail investors face – knowing when to exit a stock/strategy and thus book profits or minimize losses.

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This service will act as an efficient risk management tool for investors thereby helping them turn their underperforming portfolio into a winning one. The service will be available at affordable prices for any portfolio in the Indian equity markets.

Sumit Chanda, founder and CEO, Jarvis Invest says, “Jarvis Protect will provide investors with timely stock exit strategies and portfolio rebalancing. Our AI-driven model has a high downside accuracy which makes
Jarvis Protect relevant to all investors.”

Growing breed of robo-advisors

Jarvis Invest is one among a growing breed of robo-advisors that uses AI. The idea of robo advisors is to provide automated, algorithm-based portfolio management with negligible human intervention.

In the process, there is negligible human intervention and human biases do not creep into the decision making process. Plus, since it is automated, it leads to substantial cost savings for the investor as there is no human involvement and interaction.

In most cases, these robo-advisors ask clients to fill up a questionnaire with details like goals, risk appetite and so on. AI is used to process these data points and provide a customized investment portfolio to their investors.

Jarvis’ AI-powered personalized portfolio costs ₹399 a month. Robo-advisors help a client not only to build a portfolio but also to manage their risk and rebalance their portfolio at regular intervals.

StockEdge, an app which helps track stocks on NSE and BSE, uses algorithms to process, scan and identify the relevant stocks for retail investors. In January, it launched an AI powered chart pattern recognition feature where an AI-enabled algo processes all stocks and after further streamlining, prepares a list of stocks where specific patterns have been formed. This helps a trader get clarity about market trends and take position in the market.

AI based robo-advisory tools can thus benefit both long-term investors and traders. Based on AI, these help an investor make better investing decisions and reduce human bias when it comes to investments.

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