Mark Cuban says Gen Z will go down in history as the 'greatest' generation

Mark Cuban says Gen Z will go down in history as the 'greatest' generation
Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban.Wilfredo Lee/AP
  • Billionaire Mark Cuban said Gen Z understands the importance of mental health.
  • That's why he thinks they will go down as the greatest generation, he told Adam Grant's podcast.

Billionaire Mark Cuban said Gen Z would go down as the "greatest generation" because they take into consideration all factors including the impact on their mental health when making decisions.

"I think that's beautiful and it's very analogous to when I was getting started and technology was just happening or the internet was just happening," the Dallas Mavericks owner told the "Re:Thinking with Adam Grant" podcast.

"Boomers are gonna go down in history as the most disappointing generation ever, from sex, drugs, and rock and roll to what we have today."

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The billionaire also said that "zoomers" – those born between 1995 and 2010 – like his children valued maintaining "mental health equilibrium".

He added: "I think organizations will have to understand that more and more and more as we go forward. Not only for how you treat your employees, but what your customers expect as well."


Cuban previously told Justin Kan's "The Quest" podcast that zoomers valued digital goods more than any other generation anyone else.

Gen Z has also embraced a new way of working, called "quiet quitting," or putting in the minimum amount of effort in a job to maintain a healthy work-life balance. Gen Xers might have called it "slacking off" or "coasting," while millennials might have said it was "having boundaries."

Listen to the full episode below.