Volkswagen and Microsoft come together to bring augmented reality to cars using HoloLens 2

Volkswagen and Microsoft come together to bring augmented reality to cars using HoloLens 2
  • Microsoft and Volkswagen get HoloLens 2 working in a moving vehicle.
  • Microsoft and Volkswagen started collaborating back in 2018.
  • In future, the company plans to apply this technology to trains, elevators, and other moving scenarios.
Microsoft has partnered with Volkswagen to bring augmented reality into cars with Microsoft’s HoloLense 2. The car manufacturer Volkswagen and Microsoft has been experimenting with HoloLens 2 in moving vehicles and they have created a ‘moving platform’ model for the working of the headset.

The ‘moving platform’ for HoloLens 2 overcomes some major limitations of VR headsets and creates new potential like- training drivers to handle challenging road conditions and developing new scenarios for autonomous vehicles. Microsoft said, soon ‘moving platform’ technology will be shared with other businesses and enterprises.

Volkswagen is interested in augmented reality for years. The company has been using self-piloted vehicles and AR to teach racers to drive on race tracks. Earlier, the carmaker was unable to make Microsoft HoloLense 2 work in moving cars as the device sensor lost tracing. Volkswagen started a collaboration with Microsoft back in 2018 and they developed a prototype system that allowed a car to display real-time information on a connected VR headset.

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How will HoloLens 2 work in cars?

This system places virtual objects both inside and outside of the car. HoloLens 2 projects a virtual map onto the dashboard of a car with navigation arrows and information about key intersections. The HoloLens 2 also displays a holographic pedestrian warning at crosswalks that tell you to be careful. In addition, it also tells the temperature inside the car.


The current partnership sounds very focused on future research. Microsoft's ‘moving platform’ is already being used on ships. Further, the company plans to apply it to elevators, trains, and other moving environments.

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