scorecardNetflix launches its version of the game ‘Heads Up!’ to test your IQ
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Netflix launches its version of the game ‘Heads Up!’ to test your IQ

Netflix launches its version of the game ‘Heads Up!’ to test your IQ
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  • Until now, games by Netflix have been downloaded 23.3 million times.
  • By year-end, Netflix plans to expand its video game catalogue from 24 to 50.
  • ‘Netflix Heads Up!’ is the latest game in the list, available on Android and iOS.
Netflix is accelerating its push into video games with plans to double its portfolio offering by the end of the year. Since the last November, video streaming company has been rolling out games to keep users entertained or engaged between show or movie release.
After having a poor first quarter, Netflix has launched an exclusive version of ‘Heads Up!’ as ‘Netflix Heads Up!’. The game follows the same strategy with the pinch of Netflix. Till now, ‘Heads Up!’ by Warner Bros has crossed 70+ million downloads and has been Apple's top paid app in the app store for the past five consecutive years.
‘Netflix Heads Up!’ consists of Netflix-inspired decks. The game is a twist on charades where players have to guess the words on another player's forehead before the one-minute timer runs out. Also, Netflix Heads Up! Allows members to put their Netflix I.Q. to the test with 28 decks inspired by some of our popular series like Stranger Things, Bridgerton, and Squid Game.
According to the company, the game consists of engaging details and elements such as 80’s icons within Stranger Things 1986 to keep players engaged.
Netflix Heads Up is available in 13 new languages on Android and iOS devices. Further, users can play it in their local language and discover local content within the game.
Few available decks on Netflix Heads Up!
The Bridgerton deck will engage you in a ball of fun as you guess clues based on the hit show.
GEEKED deck is for you if you love sci-fi, horror, fantasy, comic books, and video games.
With this deck, you can cure your boredom as it includes comic greats and comedy terminology.
Squid Game
In the Squid Game deck, guess Squid Game-related actions, characters and themes without saying the word or rhyming.
Strong Black Lead
Strong Black Lead amplifies Black voices, stories, and creators. If you think you have core knowledge of Black actors, entertainers, series, and films, then this deck is for you.
Stranger Things
If you are a Stranger Things fan, you will enjoy this deck. It contains characters, words, phrases and more from the Stranger Things series.

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