This new Android malware sits silently on your phone to remotely take control of your device

This new Android malware sits silently on your phone to remotely take control of your device
  • Octo, a subset of ExoCompact malware has been discovered by ThreatFabric.
  • The malware can take control of your device remotely.
  • According to ThreatFabric, Octo is actively being sold to hackers on the darknet forums.
If you are an Android user then you should be careful of a new malware named Octo. It is designed to take control of your smartphone remotely, compromising important information including banking details.

Octo has been identified by ThreatFabric and they also shared a report that how it is being spread through darknet forums. The detailed report also shed some light on its existence. It evolved from ExoCompact malware which is based on Exo trojan.

Octo has advanced remote access capabilities powered by a live streaming module that is updated every second. Once an Android smartphone is compromised with Octo, it uses the black screen to hide remote operations. It sets screen brightness to zero and disables all the notifications by activating no interruption mode. Octo will also allow attackers to see what you’re typing on the keyboard including passwords and bank details.

Octo also features a list of commands like blocked notifications, temporary screen lock, SMS interception, remote access and even sending SMS to a specific number.

According to the report, Octo is being sold on online forums by using the alias ‘goodluck’ or ‘architect’.


List of known Android apps containing the Octo malware
  1. Pocket Screencaster
  2. Fast Cleaner 2021
  3. Pocket Screencaster
  4. BAWAG PSK Security
  5. Play Store app install
Protect your device from Octo
The only possible way to protect your device from Octo and other malicious Android apps is to be careful about what you install. Once malware is on your device then everything is accessible. Limit the number of apps you install and only install apps from trusted sources. Also, make sure Play Protect is activated on your device.

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