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Bard gets access to Google Apps – You can now search your Gmail or Docs for information

Bard gets access to Google Apps – You can now search your Gmail or Docs for information
  • Bard has received a new update that brings improved search capabilities.
  • Users can now link their Google apps and services to Bard to get faster access to information.
  • Google apps such as Gmail, Docs, Maps, YouTube and others can now be integrated with Bard.
In an ongoing process, Google has improved its artificial intelligence (AI) chatbot Bard to help it compete with ChatGPT and other AI chatbots. The search giant has announced that Bard has now been integrated with Google’s apps and services.

With this update, users will be able to get better access to information from their Gmail, Drive, Docs and other apps. The update also brings improvements to Bard’s “Google it” feature.
Bard gets access to Google apps
Bard can now access Google’s apps such as Gmail, Drive and Docs to get you better access to information. The chatbot can fetch information from multiple applications at once, so you don’t have to worry about looking for the same information across different apps.
Privacy in mind
Keeping user privacy in mind, Google has said that if you link your applications with Bard, data from these applications will not be seen by human reviewers or used by the company to train the Bard model or show advertisements.

Additionally, if you have enabled any of these applications, you will always have the option to turn them off.
Plan trips, create resume and more
If you are looking to create a resume or are working on a cover letter, you can use bard to fetch your old resume from Drive or Docs and then create a professional summary, make recommendations and more.

It’s not just applications like Drive, you can also link applications such as Maps, Google Flights and more. This will allow you to plan trips, create itineraries, check your calendar for availability and even check flights for these trips.
Double check your answers
Another update that Bard has received is the ability to double check answers. Users can now click on the “Google it” button to double check answers provided by Bard and the chatbot will confirm whether the answer provided by it and answers available in Google Search are the same.


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