Roblox wants to bring older age groups to its online gaming platform

Roblox wants to bring older age groups to its online gaming platform
Lionel Bonaventure/AFP/Getty Images
  • The company has a goal to appeal to age groups ranging between six and 60 years old.
  • The company has been successful with children under the age of 13 years old.
  • The company hopes older users will then invite their friends to the platform.

Roblox is eyeing an older age demographic as it explores potential growth opportunities for its online gaming platform.

The company, which allows users to easily develop and play video games, said on Friday during its investor day that it has a goal of appealing to a wide age range -- six to 60 years old.

"We have tremendous success reaching the 13 and under audience, our goal however is to create a platform and brand that appeals to all ages," Chief Business Officer at Roblox, Craig Donato, said during the investor day presentation.

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To achieve that goal, the online game platform is working on content ratings that match users with experiences that are appropriate for their age, according to Donato. Roblox also personalized its search and discovery based on a person's age, geography, and skill level, among other factors.

Donato said the company expects that older users will invite friends of their own age.


Roblox is also expanding its demographic reach by enabling deeply immersive experiences through dynamic simulation, faster loading, and unique rendering, according to Donato.

The gaming giant is popular among over half the children in the United States, according to CNBC. As of July 2020, Roblox had over 150 million monthly active users, the company said.

The platform mainly allows children to create and play video games and chat with their friends. But with the large presence of children on Roblox, moderation concerns were raised and created a challenge for the company, Insider previously reported.

In a case that lacked moderation, a group of players simulated an assault on a 7-year-old's character in a game on Roblox. The company now offers security features that parents can use to restrict chats or the type of games children play.

On Monday, the video game platform said that it plans to go public via a direct listing in March on the New York Stock Exchange and will issue 198.9 million shares, according to a company filing it submitted to the SEC.