Samsung introduces new Neo QLED TVs in India with dedicated features for better connectivity, gaming, and sustainability

Samsung introduces new Neo QLED TVs in India with dedicated features for better connectivity, gaming, and sustainability
  • Samsung today held its Unbox & Discover event.
  • The brand launched a new line-up of Neo QLED TVs.
  • The Smart TVs start at a price of ₹1,41,990 and go all the way upto ₹15,74,000
Taking forward the legacy of the Samsung Neo QLED smart TV line-up, the brand introduced 4K and 8K Neo QLED TVs in India. The premium smart TV range is available in sizes starting at 50-inches and going up to 98-inches. The brand has focused on better connectivity, advanced personalization, improved gaming experience, and sustainability.

Price & Availability
The Neo QLED 8K TV comes in four variants with the available sizes 98-inch, 85-inch, 75-inch, and 65-inch. The QN700-C 65-inch variant is offered at a price of ₹3,14,990.

The Neo QLED 4K TV has three variants- 85-inch, 75-inch, 65-inch, 55-inch, and 50-inch screen sizes. The QN85C (65-inch,55-inch) models will be available at a starting price of ₹1,41,990.
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Samsung also announced that consumers buying Neo QLED TVs until May 25, 2023, can get a free Samsung Soundbar HW-Q990 worth INR 99,990 with select Neo QLED 8K TVs and Samsung Soundbar HW-Q800 worth INR 44,990 with Neo QLED 4K TVs.

Samsung Neo QLED TVs
The Samsung Neo QLED TVs feature Samsung’s Quantum Matrix Technology that powers up to 33 million pixels and delivers a billion colors.


The TVs feature Samsung’s Neural Quantum Processor, which supports the Quantum Mini LED-lit TV with 14-bit processing and AI upscaling. This enables Shape Adaptive Light Control and Real Depth Enhancer Pro for a three-dimensional experience.

Both Neo QLED 8K & 4K TVs are validated by Pantone, certifying accurate expression of 2,030 Pantone colors and 110 skin tone shades. The Neo QLED TVs come equipped with Q Symphony 3.0, allowing TV and soundbar speakers to operate simultaneously for a surround effect.

Plus, the viewing experience is complemented by immersive sound with the world’s first wireless Dolby Atmos and Object Tracking Sound Pro with action-tracking sound from all corners of the TV. Adaptive Sound Pro optimizes sound considering the characteristics of both the room and the audio content.

Besides the visual experience, the Neo QLED TV range also has some new features.


Samsung’s Neo QLED 8K TVs come with the Motion Xcelerator Turbo Pro for high-speed gaming. There is also Game Motion Plus for eliminating motion blur and providing a 144Hz refresh rate. Then there is Virtual AimPoint and Super Ultrawide GameView. With Super Ultrawide GameView, the TV can deliver content in ratios of 16:9, 21:9, and 32:9. There is also a Game Bar.

Finally, a Mini Map Zoom lets players see their game's mini-map at a glance on any display.

According to the manufacturer, the new Neo QLED TVs incorporate several components derived from repurposed secondary batteries, discarded fishing nets, and waste metals. The company also asserts that it has significantly reduced ink usage on its packaging, up to 90%, and that consumers can now reuse the packaging material as furniture in their homes.

Moreover, the brand has introduced an AI Energy mode through its SmartThings app, which can reduce energy consumption by 20%. This is achieved by automatically adjusting the TV's brightness according to the ambient light, resulting in more efficient power utilization.

Smart Connectivity
The new lineup has a built-in IoT Hub with Calm Onboarding feature and IoT-enabled sensors to control lights or sound. The calm onboarding technology lets you connect Samsung or third-party devices smoothly to the TV.

The Neo QLED TVs also feature Smart Hub, which provides a single hub for Entertainment, Gaming, and Ambient options. You can also access Samsung TV Plus, the company’s free ad-supported TV and video-on-demand service that offers 100 channels in India.

The new Samsung Knox Vault hardware chip encrypts all information from connected devices and is certified by CC EAL 6+ certification. In addition to Samsung’s virtual assistant- Bixby, Neo QLED TVs also come with Alexa built-in.

Finally, Multi-View lets users view content from four different sources simultaneously.

A new SlimFit cam also allows users to connect the Neo QLED TV for video calls.

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