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Smarter than a smartphone? A new wearable challenges the ‘traditional’ device

Smarter than a smartphone? A new wearable challenges the ‘traditional’ device
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  • Humane unveiled a wearable device with a projected display and AI features that act as a personal assistant during a TED Talk.
  • The device lacks a traditional touchscreen interface and is activated by a tap, with voice and gesture commands supported.
  • Humane raised nearly $250 million in funding without any product announcement, which has fueled speculation that it could be a smartphone competitor.
During a TED Talk, Humane, a startup founded by ex-Apple employees Imran Chaudhri and Bethany Bongiorno, unveiled their new device, a wearable gadget that boasts a projected display and AI-driven features designed to function as a personal assistant.

Chaudhri, who serves as Humane's president and chairman, gave the first live demo of the device. The wearable device and platform were developed from scratch for artificial intelligence and are entirely self-contained, requiring no smartphone or other device to operate, according to Chaudhri.

The presentation showed us the device's potential capabilities and unique interface that lacks a traditional touchscreen. Chaudhri demonstrated wearing the device in his breast pocket, where he could activate it with a tap instead of a wake word and then use voice commands, similar to how one interacts with an Amazon Echo smart speaker.

Humane’s AI-powered wearable projector
Humane's wearable AI is a small device capable of performing various functions such as taking phone calls, using AI to translate languages, displaying emails and messages, and providing dietary recommendations based on restrictions.

During Chaudhri's demonstration, the device instantly translated his voice into French, gave him updates on his emails and schedule, and advised him on which foods to avoid. The most distinctive aspect of the device, as noted by Chaudhri, is its ability to function independently without needing to be paired with another device.

In addition to projecting a screen, the device has a camera that can identify objects in its surroundings, as previously teased in an investor pitch deck leak. During the presentation, Chaudhri used the camera to identify a chocolate bar and advise on whether it suited his dietary requirements.
Can Humane take on smartphones?
Humane has a lot of buzz because its founders were once instrumental in Apple products. The company has secured almost $250 million in funding without announcing any product or service, which has led to speculation that they have been operating in secrecy to compete with Apple.

Following the release of the latest video, the internet is buzzing with reactions, with some claiming that Humane has created a smartphone killer. However, there is currently limited information, which appears to be exaggerated claims.

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