Some Twitter users who criticized Elon Musk say they've been suspended or told they violated rules due to 'hateful conduct'

Some Twitter users who criticized Elon Musk say they've been suspended or told they violated rules due to 'hateful conduct'
Some Twitter users wrote posts saying their accounts had been suspended.Jakub Porzycki/Getty Images
  • Some Twitter users say they were told their tweets about Elon Musk were "hateful conduct."
  • Insider found two users who said they were suspended for tweets poking fun at the new owner.

Some Twitter users criticizing or poking fun at Elon Musk say their accounts are getting suspended or they've been told to delete tweets.

Insider found two users who said their accounts were suspended and four who got notified by Twitter that they had violated its rules due to "hateful conduct."

One account claimed they were banned by Twitter for posting a tweet that seemingly described Musk as being "unlikeable" and someone who has been "desperate all his life for people to like him."

The user said they "didn't even mention the person's name" but was banned over accusations that it violated Twitter's terms of service. They also said they appealed against the ban and posted a screenshot on Friday of an email from Twitter saying his account had been "unsuspended."

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Another user said their account was locked after Twitter flagged their tweet as "hateful conduct."

They said their account was suspended for a week after tweeting: "The absolute magic outcome of @elonmusk's latest move to reinstate Trump will be when he doesn't re-engage with Twitter and all his deranged redneck followers are left hanging in a vacuum."

A third user posted a screenshot of a Twitter notification after tweeting: "Kinda weird that one dude gets to decide if like a billion of us can communicate or not."


One Twitter account said they received notice from Twitter instructing them to delete their tweet, which said: "idk who in the replies needs to hear this but you can't defend elon musk if the only thing u have in common with him is a receding hairline and that ur girl left u."

Another person said they received the same notification after tweeting: "To be clear, Elon Musk is a tax-avoidance whore."

Musk last month floated plans to create a Twitter "content moderation council" that would be made up of people with "widely diverse viewpoints."

At the time, he tweeted that no accounts would be reinstated before the council met up, but has since allowed former US president Donald Trump back on the platform, although Trump has not yet started tweeting again.

Musk also said that people who had their accounts suspended for "minor and dubious" reasons would be released from "Twitter jail."

Twitter did not immediately respond to a request for comment from Insider.