Sony’s all-new PlayStation 5 model was spotted in Japan featuring updated radio equipment

Sony’s all-new PlayStation 5 model was spotted in Japan featuring updated radio equipment
  • In April, the company received construction design certification.
  • Japan’s Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications granted design certification to Sony.
  • Soon, we may see all new PS5 with minor or major updates.
A new Sony PlayStation 5 (PS5) console has been reportedly spotted in Japan ahead of scheduled updates to the current PS5 hardware.

According to GizmoChina, the new hardware is going through the certification paces in Japan and just got the construction design certification.

There are indications that the new revision of the Sony PS5 is a CFI-1200 series model with a piece of updated radio equipment, the report said.

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The radio equipment in the allegedly refreshed PS5 could mean a lower cost for the PS5 due to its choice of cheaper components. The refreshed PS5 could also provide more efficient use of existing components.

Even though it is a faint possibility, a PS5 Pro model could be in the pipeline. However, the global chip shortage may prevent this possibility, as per the report.


The CFI-1200 series, therefore, remains the likely minor upgrades expected for the PS5.

Meanwhile, the company is releasing three new PS5 covers next month.

At the end of 2021, the tech giant announced its plans to begin producing PS5 plates in five new colour variants. It followed it up with the sale of PS5 consoles with midnight black and cosmic red plates.

The three other colour variants, nova pink, galactic purple, and starlight blue, plates were to debut by mid-2022. Sony has now released these three colour plates for the PS5.

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