Soon we may be viewing the world through a smart contact lens

Soon we may be viewing the world through a smart contact lens
  • Google And Samsung are major players in the smart contact lens industry.
  • In 2016, Samsung patented smart contact lens technology.
  • Mojo Vision has already launched a prototype for a smart contact lens.
Today smart wearable market consists of mostly smart bands, smartwatches, and wireless earbuds. But soon there may time come when smart contact lens also is on the list of smart wearable devices. If market watchers are to be believed, we may soon see the smart contact lens market explode.

It won't be surprising to see Google and Samsung at the forefront of the smart lens industry. Both companies have been already laying the groundwork for smart contact lenses. Samsung is one of the main players following Sony, Google, and Sensimed AG.

This is not the first time when we’ve heard about Samsung's potential in involvement with smart contact lenses. Back in 2016, the company applied for a patent on smart contact lenses. Samsung has been working on researching optic-related smart technologies for more than half-decade now. There is no official statement by the company on smart contact lenses but we can hope this technology is right in the middle of it when it happens.

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Likewise, Sony, Sensimed AG, and Google are also working on the smart contact lens. Google has a dedicated research organization for smart contact lenses and other things. However, like any other new technology, this is also expected to take some time to become commercialized and then a few years to refine it for genuine use cases.

Smart Contact Lenses — Mojo Vision
The start-up Mojo Vision drew attention back in 2020 as they introduces the first smart contact lens. It can display data based on augmented reality. It consists of a tiny microLED display which is the size of a grain of sand to share critical information. It has smart sensors that are powered by solid-state batteries built into a scleral lens that is also capable of correcting your vision.

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