From buying Squid Game masks to playing it in real life — here's what the show's fans are up to

From buying Squid Game masks to playing it in real life — here's what the show's fans are up to
The Squid Game rage online and everywhere else in the world.Netflix
Squid Game is all the rage now and the next thing people are trying to do is experience the hit Netflix Korean show. It’s not possible to actually participate in the game but that's not stopping people from trying to somehow experience Squid Game. There is Squid Game merchandise being sold across the world, and even in India, a real-life Squid Game being organised in Abu Dhabi, and a YouTuber challenging people to the envelope flipping game.

In India, fans can purchase squid Game masks from Amazon. There are three masks available including the ‘Front Man’s’ mask, one featuring the square symbol and the other featuring the triangle symbol. These are the masks worn by the Front Man who acted as the leader of the game, and the armed people in charge of the participants and organising the different games. The masks are priced at ₹1,199 each with the Front Man mask priced slightly higher at ₹1,399.

From buying Squid Game masks to playing it in real life — here's what the show's fans are up to
Squid Game masks available on Amazon India.Business Insider India

For those who want to take things to another level, there’s a set of two Squid Game invitation cards. This is the infamous card with the phone number given to eligible participants. The number on the business card even turned out to be a real phone number and it even received multiple calls from fans.
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If you thought using these masks is crazy, there’s an actual Squid Game taking place in Abu Dhabi where people can take part. It is being organised by the Korean Cultural Center in the United Arab Emirates where two teams of 15 players can take part. There will obviously be no violence involved in this version of the Squid Game but those interested can feel what it’s like to be part of the Squid Game that’s scheduled to take place this Tuesday.

A similar real-life experience was when YouTuber Jimmy Zhang offered college students a chance to earn $100 if they beat him in the envelope flip game from the show, and if they don’t then they get a slap. The Squid Game craze is also hard to miss online with videos all over TikTok and Instagram of how to make the dalgona candy, memes on Squid Game, and even AR filters.


A real-life 'Squid Game' is being organized in Abu Dhabi
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