These are the 37 tech companies most likely to be acquired by private equity firms

These are the 37 tech companies most likely to be acquired by private equity firms
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Welcome back, readers. Jordan Parker Erb here, ready to fill you in on the biggest tech news. Today, I'm sharing the 37 tech companies that are most likely to be acquired by private-equity firms.


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1. We ranked the tech companies most likely to be acquired by private-equity firms. It's been a bruising year for tech companies, but the downturn isn't bad news for everyone — PE firms have a chance to snag profitable, fast-growing companies at bargain-basement prices.


  • Cyndx, a market-research firm, provided Insider with data on the tech companies that are most likely to become targets for acquisitions, based on factors like revenue, stock price, and earnings expected for next year.
  • According to the data provided, the tech companies that private-equity firms could acquire range from Chegg to Expensify.
  • Valuations have fallen so much that "private-equity firms are licking their chops," one venture investor told Insider.

Here are the 37 firms most likely to be acquired.

In other news:

These are the 37 tech companies most likely to be acquired by private equity firms
Elon Musk and Sergey BrinWin McNamee/Getty Images, Chris Hondros/Getty Images

2. Elon Musk reportedly had an affair with the wife of Google co-founder Sergey Brin. The alleged affair, first reported by the Wall Street Journal, occurred last fall. Brin, Elon Musk's longtime friend, reportedly filed for divorce following the affair. Here's what we know so far — and check out everything we know about Nicole Shanahan, who had the alleged affair with Musk.

3. Andreessen Horowitz is going virtual. The venture capital firm has announced a shift to "the cloud," wherein they'll be primarily virtual, but will maintain physical locations in tech hubs nationwide. A look at what A16z's move beyond Silicon Valley means.


4. Now might be the best time yet to buy a used Peloton bike. Some pandemic-era Peloton fans are moving on from their bikes, turning to Craigslist and Facebook Marketplace to resell the equipment at heavily discounted prices. Why users are parting ways with their Pelotons.

5. These are the most important VCs in New York. Based on recommendations and investment data, Insider compiled a list of the city's top VCs, from firms like Stellation Capital and Female Founders Fund. Meet the 59 most important investors in the Big Apple.

6. Companies including Amazon and Apple have the biggest pay gap between CEOs and workers. According to a new report, the pay disparity between S&P 500 CEOs and their workers grew even larger in 2021, with Amazon holding the biggest pay ratio by far. See the full list of companies with the biggest pay gaps.

7. This was supposed to be the year of social shopping. It hasn't been. Industry insiders predicted 2022 would be the year of social shopping, with social media platforms launching new shopping features — but they've had mixed results. Here's what platforms have done to woo influencers and brands.

8. Bill Gates gave away shares worth $6 billion this week — but is still the world's fifth-richest person. The donation to the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation comes a week after Gates promised to give $20 billion to the foundation this month. Here's the latest.


Odds and ends:

These are the 37 tech companies most likely to be acquired by private equity firms
Steve Jobs.David Paul Morris / Stringer

9. Steve Jobs' prototype for the original Apple computer is up for auction. The prototype for the original Apple-1 computer was used to secure Apple's first major order — and bidding has already hit nearly $230,000. Check it out here.

10. We got an early glimpse of the electric Cadillac Celestiq. The Celestiq, an ultra-luxurious electric car, is rumored to cost $300,000 and up once it goes on sale. Get an inside look at the high-tech EV.

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