This fake RentAHitman website has been receiving actual requests to take down people

This fake RentAHitman website has been receiving actual requests to take down people
The website has many clues indicating that it's fake but some people still think it's
  •, a fake website that pretends to offer services to take out people, received an actual request.
  • This woman who requested to have her ex-husband killed was later arrested and also received jail time.
  • This however wasn’t the first request the website received as many other people sought its services.
Wendy Wein, a 52-year-old woman from Michigan decided to hire a hitman to kill her ex-husband from this website called “”. But the website turned out to be fake and instead Wein was caught by the police and received jail time. The interesting thing here is that the website was made as a joke with multiple clues that would make anyone realise it’s fake but looks like some people are just very gullible.

The RentAHitman website has a very detailed description of what it does, its services and even testimonials from its customers. It has claims about being safe and private, and how it has over 17,895 U.S. based field operatives but all of this information is displayed in a way that anyone would realise the website is a joke. But not for Wein who actually filled out a form with all her information and also the person whom they want killed, according to a report by Gizmodo.

Wein then agreed to meet one of the field operatives who was actually an undercover police detective. How did this happen? The website owner Bob Innes informed the police about Wein who sought the service thinking it’s real. “She was hellbent on... seeking revenge to take out her ex-husband,” Innes was quoted as saying to the Washington Post.

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Wein met the undercover cop, gave details of her ex-husband saying that he’s a pedophile, and even offered $200 for the murder and $5,000 once the job is done. Wein was later arrested by the police, produced in court and is now facing a minimum of seven years in prison.

The idea behind RentAHitman

RentAHitman was created in 2005 by Innes to start a cybersecurity company with some of his friends. That didn’t work out and he couldn’t sell the domain name so the website was just left like that. Innes decided to check the website’s email years later and found some 300 requests from people globally seeking its services.

Not the first person fooled

Wein was the most recent case but turns out there have been many other people serious about using RentAHitman to take down people. Innes saw some legitimate requests and started working with law enforcement to inform about these people which even led to some arrests. There were some crazy requests like this one woman from Kansas who wanted guns, bombs or anything to take down the targeted people.

RentAHitman is still very active and Innes continues to inform the police about people who can be potentially dangerous.


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