This is Google's Pixel 4 smartphone, according to one of the most reliable gadgets leakers on the internet

This is Google's Pixel 4 smartphone, according to one of the most reliable gadgets leakers on the internet

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Evan Blass / @evleaks / Twitter

  • Above is the Google Pixel 4, according to one of the most reliable gadgets leakers on the internet, Evan Blass - known as @evleaks on Twitter.
  • The Pixel 4 is such a badly kept secret that it's been leaked over and over in the last few months, to the extent that Blass' image of the Pixel 4 reveals no surprises.
  • The Pixel 4 smartphones will have a large "forehead" where Google will store the selfie camera and "Soli" radar technology for advanced facial recognition and motion gesture control.
  • The Pixel 4 will also have a dual-lens camera system. One of the cameras will likely be a regular camera, and rumors suggest the other camera will be a zoomed lens.
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It's odd to say that Google will "reveal" the Pixel 4 during its October 15 event because there really isn't much about the Pixel 4 to reveal at this point.

There have been so many leaks and reports that, combined with Google's own teasing of the upcoming phone, it feels like the the Pixel 4 has already been announced.

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But in the unlikely case you have any doubts about what the Pixel 4 will look like, the Pixel 4's design has been leaked again via respected gadgets leaker Evan Blass.

So far, the rumor mill says the Pixel 4 will:


  • Have a large "forehead" bezel for the Pixel 4's "Soli" radar technology. Soli will make for ultra-advanced facial recognition that could be even better than Apple's Face ID. The company also revealed that motion gesture controls are coming with the Pixel 4.
  • A dual-lens camera system, where one of the lenses is rumored to be a zoomed lens.
  • There will be a new night sky camera mode to capture better photos of stars and the night sky.
  • A 90Hz display for a smoother experience while swiping around the phone than previous Pixel phones, Samsung phones, and iPhones.
  • A feature that will wait on hold for you during a call.
  • A new Google Assistant design.
  • It'll run the Snapdragon 855 chip and come with 6 GB of RAM.

Considering some people have had supposed pre-production units in their hands to reveal the ins and outs of the Pixel 4, it'll be interesting to see if Google manages to keep anything a secret at all.We'll have to see on October 15.

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