Trump's new social media app Truth Social suffered an outage shortly after launching

Trump's new social media app Truth Social suffered an outage shortly after launching
Former President Donald Trump.Evan Vucci/AP
  • Donald Trump launched his own social media app, Truth Social, on Apple's App Store on Sunday.
  • The app's website showed it ran into technical difficulties shortly after launching.

Donald Trump's new social media app Truth Social encountered technical difficulties shortly after launching to the public on Sunday evening, according to its official website.

At 11:24 p.m. ET on Sunday, an update was posted on Truth Social's website saying an issue was under investigation.

At 7:15 a.m. ET on Monday, the status page on the website showed the new app had been experiencing a "partial outage" for 7 hours 40 minutes.

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Text on the status page said: "The Truth Social application is online, although user creation is currently rate-limited during our rollout. We will expand capacity over the coming hours to enable more users to join Truth Social."

Trump announced in October 2021 that he would launch his own social media app, after he was kicked off several social media platforms including Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube.


Truth Social launched Sunday on Apple's App Store but was not immediately available to download on Google Play Store.

Insider was able to download Truth Social from the App Store on Monday, and after receiving multiple error messages, create an account at the fifth attempt. Insider was then placed on a waitlist.

Reuters reported Monday that some users of Truth Social were having difficulties signing in.

Truth Social's developer, Trump Media and Technology Group (TMTG), did not immediately respond when contacted by Insider outside of usual US working hours on Monday, a public holiday.

Former Congressman Devin Nunes, CEO of TMTG, told Fox News on Sunday the app would finish rolling out fully by the end of March.


"This week we'll begin to roll out people on the Apple App store," Nunes said. "Our goal is, I think we're going to hit it, I think by the by the end of March we're going to be fully operational at least within the United States."

Trump was kicked off mainstream social media platforms Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube following the January 6 storming of the US Capitol.

Trump announced in October he would launch Truth Social, saying it would "stand up to the tyranny of Big Tech."