Forefront Chat has unlocked access to GPT-4's features for free: Here’s how to use it

Forefront Chat has unlocked access to GPT-4's features for free: Here’s how to use it
Image credits- Forefront
  • Forefront AI, a New York-based software development company, has launched Forefront Chat, a new tool that provides free access to GPT-4
  • Forefront AI offers exciting features like image generation, custom personas, and shareable chats.
  • Take a look at the features provided by Forefront AI below.
Artificial intelligence has made significant advancements, and tools like OpenAI's ChatGPT empower millions worldwide to enhance their productivity and creativity. Now, anyone can access an AI-powered virtual assistant to write essays, simplify complex ideas, write code, and answer various questions.

AI-powered chatbots, including GPT-4, often come with a cost. But there's exciting news! Forefront AI, a software development company based in New York, has introduced Forefront Chat, a new tool that offers free access to GPT-4, providing more people with the opportunity to try out this cutting-edge technology.

On the Forefront Chat platform, users can also explore image generation, custom personas, and shareable chats, among other features. They can choose from diverse personas that can help them with different tasks. The tool even includes a "Plus" button in the input box, which enables users to switch between GPT-4 and GPT-3.5, giving them flexibility and options in their interactions with the AI-powered virtual assistant.
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Check out the key features and benefits highlighted in the latest chat announcement:
  • Free Access to GPT-4: Forefront Chat provides users with free access to the powerful GPT-4 language model, allowing more people to experience its capabilities without any cost.
  • Image Generation: Users can explore image generation capabilities on the platform, opening up creative possibilities for visual content generation.
  • Custom Personas: Forefront Chat offers a wide range of personas that users can choose from, tailoring their virtual assistant to their specific needs and tasks.
  • Shareable Chats: Users can easily share their chat sessions with others, making collaboration and communication more convenient and efficient.
  • GPT-4 and GPT-3.5 Options: The tool includes a "Plus" button that allows users to switch between GPT-4 and GPT-3.5, providing flexibility and options in their interactions with the virtual assistant.

Other features include

Chats & folders


Forefront Chat automatically names and organizes your chats into folders based on the subject, ensuring easy organization and management. You'll have a default folder called "My Chats" where your conversations will be stored. Additionally, you can add more folders as needed, immediately or in the future, allowing you to customize your chat organization according to your preferences.


Personas are chatbots that possess unique personalities and remarkable capabilities.


By using the #Imagine tag, users can effortlessly generate AI-powered images with the help of simple text inputs.

Logging in to Forefront is fairly simple. All you need to do is visit and create an account using your email ID or existing Google account. I tested the web application on both desktop and mobile browsers, and it performed flawlessly, offering a seamless experience.

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