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Ad-free videos to background play, here’s everything you get with YouTube Premium

Ad-free videos to background play, here’s everything you get with YouTube Premium
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  • YouTube Premium offers an ad-free viewing experience across all devices, background play, and more.
  • It also gives access to exclusive artist afterparties, live chats, and Smart downloads that automatically add recommended videos to your library.
  • YouTube Premium costs ₹139 per month with a 1-month free trial for new subscribers.
You may have heard of YouTube Premium (formerly known as YouTube Red) and are wondering if the monthly fee of ₹139 is worth it. In my opinion, it provides the ultimate version of the streaming platform. While some may ask, ‘Why pay for something that's already free?’ Well, here’s the answer.

Before considering the cost, it's essential to note that Google offers a 1-month free trial for new subscribers to test the service. Let's explore why you should consider subscribing to YouTube Premium. But before that, tell me about YouTube Premium's price and plans.

You have three options to choose from when subscribing to YouTube Premium. The regular plan costs ₹139 per month, the quarterly plan costs ₹399, and the annual plan costs ₹1290. Additionally, there's a family package available at the cost of ₹189 per month. Students can subscribe to YouTube Premium for only ₹79 per month. All the plans mentioned above come with a free trial period of 30 days.
YouTube Premium: Benefits
Watch videos without ads
YouTube Premium has allowed users to watch millions of videos without interruptions by ads, including video overlay ads, third-party banner ads, and search ads. While users may still see branding or promotions embedded in the content by the creator, as well as promotional links, shelves, and features in and around the content, they will not encounter any ads during the videos.

Moreover, ad-free videos are supported across all devices and platforms where users can sign in with their Google Account, including compatible smart TVs/ gaming consoles and the YouTube, YouTube Music, and YouTube Kids mobile apps, provided they are available in their location.

Download videos to watch offline

YouTube Premium has allowed users to download videos and playlists to watch offline when they are not connected to the internet. This has been a game-changer for users who enjoy watching their favorite videos and listening to music while on the go without having to worry about data charges or connectivity issues.

Background play

Background play is one of the perks of having a YouTube Premium subscription. It allows users to continue playing videos on their mobile devices even when they exit the YouTube app or are locked.

Without YouTube Premium, the audio of a video will stop playing as soon as the user exits the app or locks their device. However, with a YouTube Premium subscription, users can keep listening to the video's audio in the background while doing other tasks on their device or even when the device is locked.

Continue watching

With a YouTube Premium membership, users can enjoy uninterrupted viewing experiences and continue watching videos right where they left off. This feature is particularly useful for those who like to take breaks while watching longer videos, such as movies or TV shows.

If a user stops watching a video, YouTube will automatically save their spot. This means that users can resume watching the video from the same spot later, even if they switch to a different device.

Picture-in-Picture (PiP)

With YouTube Premium, users can use Picture-in-Picture (PiP) mode on their mobile devices. PiP mode allows users to watch videos while simultaneously using other apps. This feature is available for all videos with a YouTube Premium membership.

This feature is a great way to multitask and continue watching videos while using other apps, such as messaging or email, on your mobile device.

Afterparties & live chat

Premium members of YouTube and YouTube Music can access exclusive afterparties with their favorite artists. These afterparties are live streams where Premium members can interact with the artist through video feeds and live chats.

Smart downloads

Smart downloads is a feature available to YouTube Premium members that automatically adds recommended videos to your library for offline viewing. This allows you to watch videos without an internet connection and discover new content without searching for it manually. However, it is important to note that downloads will stop if you disconnect from Wi-Fi or if your device's storage is low.

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