YouTube starts rolling out hashtag landing pages⁠— here’s how you can use it

YouTube starts rolling out hashtag landing pages⁠— here’s how you can use it
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  • YouTube has started rolling out hashtag landing pages on its platform.
  • Hashtag allows you to easily find videos related to a topic.
  • The hashtag landing pages are currently live for both desktop and mobile users.
Hashtags are very popular on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. They allow users to easily find content related to a particular topic or event with just a click.

While YouTube introduced hashtags a while back, it has finally introduced landing pages for hashtags and has also made it easier to find content that use these hashtags. The hashtag landing pages are now live for both desktop and mobile users.

The YouTube hashtag feature was announced on the YouTube community forum earlier this month.

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How does hashtag work?

Hashtags on YouTube now lead you to a landing page that includes only those videos which have the hashtag included. YouTube has said that it places the ‘best’ videos on top. On platforms like Facebook, the most recent content is shown at the top when you click on a hashtag.


At present, when you see a hashtag’s landing page, most videos are from big creators.

If you want to find videos related to a particular hashtag, you can do so by clicking on it. Alternatively, you can also find videos related to a hashtag by using the following URL format –

It is to be noted that you cannot use the search box to search for a hashtag at present. The company may launch this feature at a later date.

With the help of hashtags, creators will now be able to easily tag their content so that it becomes easier for users to search for them. The hashtags can be added in the description of the video.


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