The average iPhone is unlocked 80 times per day


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Now we know exactly how addictive iPhones are, according to Apple: the average iPhone user unlocks their phone 80 times per day, says analyst Ben Bajarin, who attended a security "deep dive" at Apple's headquarters last week.


At that rate, given a 12-hour day of usage, iPhone users check their phones between 6 or 7 times an hour, or about once every 10 minutes. That doesn't sound too excessive, although there are probably users who unlock their phone at a far higher rate.

A previous study with Android users found they unlock their phone 110 times per day.

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Apple shared that statistic because it wanted to emphasize how much easier using its TouchID fingerprint login system is than inputting a PIN code or password every time a user receives a text message or email.

Bajarin writes:


Apple is attempting something that seems unprecedented at an industry level: [bringing] industry leading security but do so by actually enhancing the user experience.

Prior to Touch ID for example, many organizations required eight, and sometimes longer, PIN numbers. Imagine entering that many numbers every time you pick up your smartphone. To emphasize this point, Apple shared a great statistic: their average users unlocks their phones 80 times a day.

The balance between user security and user experience is important as Apple appears poised to secure iCloud, which could potentially introduce user headaches, such as an inability to recover a lost password.

Apple's security measures have been shifting from a small aspect of the company's software design into a full-blown feature. But Apple understands that it must make putting in passwords or encrypting data into a quality user experience, or else nobody will use its security features.

For example, TouchID not only keeps your phone secure, but at an average of 5 seconds to input a passcode - granted, an overestimate - it also saves users minutes per day, giving people a reason to use and love the feature.


Especially if they're swiping to unlock every 10 minutes on average.

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