The best pizza in NYC is about to open a second location for the first time ever - here's what it's like to eat there


Over 50 years ago, in 1965, Italian immigrant Domenico DeMarco opened Di Fara Pizza in the Midwood section of Brooklyn.


To this day, it's considered by critics and locals alike to be "the best of the best," as former chef Anthony Bourdain put it back in 2007.

Just look at this:

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Di Fara Pizza

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I know. I know.

There's a lot of pizza in New York City. It's a cliché maybe, but Di Fara Pizza is considered by many to be New York City's best pizza. It's notoriously expensive ($30 for a regular cheese pizza), and has a notoriously long wait (over an hour, easy), but it's also notoriously delicious.


And now, for the first time ever, Di Fara is expanding to a second location - one that's far easier to visit.

When the new North 3rd Street Market opens in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, one of its primary tenants will be Di Fara Pizza. The second Di Fara will feature the same menu as the original, reports Eater NY, albeit from the far more accessible Williamsburg.

This is exciting news, because it means more people can experience how incredibly delicious Di Fara's pizza actually is. I should know - I ventured deep into Brooklyn to try Di Fara's legendary pizza for myself last year. This is what it's like!