scorecardTechnology Consultant Brillio Acquires Marketelligent, Indian Data Analytics Startup
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Technology Consultant Brillio Acquires Marketelligent, Indian Data Analytics Startup

Technology Consultant Brillio Acquires Marketelligent, Indian Data Analytics Startup
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Brillio, a global technology consulting, software, and business solutions company, yesterday acquired Marketelligent, an advanced analytics solutions provider. With this acquisition, privately held Brillio will integrate Marketelligent’s 100 employees into Brillio’s Analytics Practice to deliver sophisticated analysis and detailed interpretation of data to improve business performance across consumer-focused industries including Banking, CPG, Retail, Telecom, Energy and Media.

Marketelligent’s solutions range from data visualisation and reporting to advanced predictive analytics for global clients including technology companies and leading Fortune 500 companies.

With the acquisition of Marketelligent, Brillio CEO, Raj Mamodia, feels they will be better equipped to deal with the data challenges that its customers struggle with. He said, “Today, companies are faced with substantial challenges as it relates to data. First, the unprecedented growth in useful data combined with the need for integrated software and the technology platforms to make sense of the data is in itself overwhelming. Additionally, there is a significant shortage of skills - both in business and IT – with the expertise required to frame the right questions and find the most relevant answers from the data. And finally, there are cross-functional concerns between IT and business which creates a significant delay in the availability of actionable insights. With Marketelligent onboard, Brillio will address these challenges holistically by offering a combination of services and IP, both on the business and IT side, to drive competitive advantage for our clients.”

Both Brillio and Marketelligent aim to take predictive analytics to new heights, stated Roy Cherian, co-founder and CEO, Marketelligent. He said, “The Brillio and Marketelligent portfolio of solutions will facilitate the elevation of predictive analytics to new levels, creating a stronger platform designed to deliver innovation and business growth.” He further also added, “…with our deep advanced analytics services enabled by business sense, we will be able to offer to our customers Brillio’s digital transformation capabilities in areas such as digital consulting, big data and cloud.”

Business intelligence, analytics and data integration services should be at the forefront of financial institution IT spending priority lists feels CEB TowerGroup’s senior research director Craig Focardi. He said, “As companies experience exponential growth in data volumes, they are relying more on external IT services and consulting firms to integrate disparate data sources and apply analytics to create actionable insights more quickly. Specifically, financial services institutions should tie together data, analytics and reporting to support product-specific growth initiatives and maximize profit opportunities across the enterprise.”