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The 10 Best Shoe Repair Shops In NYC

The 10 Best Shoe Repair Shops In NYC
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Josh N./Yelp

One Yelp user said the folks at North 11 Shoe Repair made his Ashton Grey boots look brand new.

After you buy the perfect shoes, it's important to take good care of them so you can wear them for more than one season.

Cleaning and shining them regularly, and getting them resoled when needed will help you keep your shoes looking nice and lasting longer.

Figuring out which shoe repair shop to go to isn't easy so the folks over at Yelp help us put together a list of the best cobblers in NYC.

1. North 11 Shoe Repair, Williamsburg, Brooklyn

Customers on Yelp rave about the work that the cobblers at North 11 Shoe repair do on their favorite shoes. While it is a little on the pricey side, Yelp users say it's worth it. Josh N. from Brooklyn said. "First I was a little taken back by the estimated price to repair a stitching and re-sole my favorite Ashton Grey boots--about 40% of the cost to get new ones. When I received them back, they look and feel new! Polishing is included. Couldn't be happier --with the repairs these boots should last a lot longer."

2. Roma Shoe Repair & Shine, Brooklyn Heights, Brooklyn

Yelp users said over and over in their reviews that Roma Shoe Repair & Shine "saved their favorite shoes." The service speedy and the cobbler's craftsmanship is perfect. Not only is the work top notch, the owner is helpful and friendly. Yelp user Cindy J. said, "The man was incredibly friendly and fixed a pair of boot heels I thought were ruined! He did an amazing job! They look wonderful. He was done in half an hour and only charged $15! I will become a very loyal customer and recommend him to all of my friends."

3. Giovanni Shoe Repair Inc, Upper West Side, Manhattan

While Giovanni's looks like a "hole in the wall" from the outside, don't be fooled, he'll do great work on your shoes. Yelp users say he is friendly, fast, and reasonably priced, and that they would never go anywhere else. Wendy Y said, "Quality of work is outstanding -- shoes brought in for repair are returned nicely polished. When my daughter needed a couple of extra holes punched in her purse straps, the shoe repair guy did it for free. You will be able to add years of wear to your shoes and boots by bringing them here."

4. Minas Shoe Repair, Financial District, Manhattan

Wall Streeters: here's your place. The easy place for you to stop in on your lunch break is also one of the best on the island. Yelp user Scott S. said Hadn't been here in a long time. Went in for a shine and they did an amazing job. Shoes look brand new. If you're near Wall Street this is the place to go. Excellent shoe repair as well. Service is personal. And top notch."

5. Chelsea Cobbler, Chelsea, Manhattan

The helpful cobblers at Chelsea Cobbler will walk you through the basics to make sure you get the most wear out of your shoes. On Yelp, Adam S. said, "Absolutely love this place. These two taught me the basics of my new leather shoes and helped proof them for long-term use. Great price and quick turnout. Would highly recommend to anyone for reliable repairs. Super sweet couple, too."

6. Cobbler Express, Murray Hill, Manhattan

The people at Cobbler Express go above and beyond to make your shoes, and other leather goods look great. Yelp user Alli G. said, "Incredible and friendly service. Went to 3 different warehouses to find the right color leather to fix my bag. It looks better than when I first bought it!"

7. Romano Cobbler, Chelsea, Manhattan

You can trust Romano Cobbler with your most expensive, most beloved shoes. Lewis M. said on Yelp, "I brought 8 pairs of Gucci shoes to Romano for repair and refurbishing. Let me tell you, he's the best, what beautiful work he does! Wonderful service, prices, quality; he only Uses JR Leather soles. I will be back every time I need your expertise! Thanks Romano are THE BEST!!!!!"

Romano Cobblier

Gabriel B. via Yelp

Romano is the best of the best.

8. Albert's Shoe Repair, Astoria, Queens

Bring your shoes to Albert's and they'll look better than when you first bought them, is what Yelp users say. Robin B. was impressed by how quickly the cobbler could have her shoes for her too, "Yes, this place is the real deal. Friendly service and great workmanship. I brought in two pairs of shoes and he said, "ready tomorrow, ok?" I thought, am I in heaven? Nobody ever turns my shoes around that quickly! Both pairs came out looking great. He has a real attention to detail! You won't be disappointed."

9. Rostelle Shoe Repair, Hell's Kitchen, Manhattan

Not only does Rostelle's do a great job, the price is right too. Yelp user Suz B. said, "Amazing service. First of all, the guy was really helpful, friendly, and accommodating. Was quite happy to let me decide when I wanted to pick them up. An extra bonus is that they're open really early. He did an AMAZING job re-heeling my boots. And the tips were buffed to the most shiny shine I have ever seen! really, a month later, on the cooler streets of Edinburgh, they still look fabulous. I was VERY happy to have found this place (a bargain at $20, too!). Seek him out if you're in deed of shoe repairs. You can't go wrong. It's brilliant!"

10. Michael's Shoe Repair, Gowanus, Brooklyn

You might not recognize your shoes when you pick them up from Michael's because they'll look so good. Ilya M. said on Yelp, "What can I say. Michael really knows what he's doing. Brought a couple of pairs of shoes that needed to be resoled and new heels. When I came to pick them up, at first I thought he gave me the wrong shoes. Then I realized that he did such a great job that they looked brand new. What surprised me the most is that I had my shoes done in a couple of different places. But this guy topped them! He actually sewed the leather soles, To make sure it has a better hold than just glue. And keep its original look. Gave it a nice matte finish on the upper leather... From what I heard he's been in this business for over 20 years. Shows why he's still in business."