The 11 Grossest Sandwich Combinations That Have Been Ordered At Subway


At Subway, the options are limitless.


A recent Reddit thread asked Subway workers to describe the grossest sandwich orders they've ever received.

We chose some of our favorites.

NOTE: Reddit sources are anonymous, and can't be independently verified by Business Insider. Some posts have been edited for clarity.

1. Cookies in the sandwich.


"An older couple walks in. The husband has health issue and the wife won't let him get cookies. They fight about it the entire time they're in line. The wife steps away to use the restroom. The husband leans in and frantically whispers 'I want those cookies, smash them in my sandwich before she comes back,'" writes Reddit user ASiouxNamedBoy. "So I did. I watched him eat the entire thing with the biggest smile on his face. It was awesome...and gross."

2. Heavy on the mayo.

"A girl ordered a footlong flatbread with just olives and extra mayo," vents Redditor Ahain. "It was 10 in the morning."

3. The "soupwich."

This dubious order contained "footlong honey wheat, turkey, chicken, American cheese, lettuce, banana peppers, black olives, red onion, a few jalapeños, and EVERY SINGLE SAUCE," writes W_Cody.


"By the time the sandwich is done it is was leaking fluid," the witness writes. "They tried to put it in one of the salad containers for him otherwise it would just be a huge mess."

4. Heavy on the mayo.

An accidental mayo overload was fine by one customer, writes Insatiable_Krill_Bat.

"The customer gets to the sauce part and says, 'Okay, I want a lot of mayo. Like, a lot.' The sandwich artist goes to squirt some mayo on there and the cap pops off dumping what I would estimate to be about a cup and a half of mayo on this sandwich. She says sorry and turns around to get more bread and dispose of the sandwich and he somewhat frenetically stops her and says that he'll take it as is, and that it is perfect."

5. The $86 sub.


Redditor ggoodness56 writes about the most epic sub he ever made.

"He ordered a footlong B.M.T. (Biggier. Meatier. Tastier.), with 8 double meats, 8 double cheeses, 9 layers of bacon, more bread, and every vegetable. We added more bread between the levels of meat. It took three papers to wrap that sub. It didn't fit in the bag. It was glorious. I kept the receipt."

6. Tuna with a twist.

A daily customer's teenage son had unusual topping choices, writes former worker 42point2.


"Tuna with feta cheese, toasted, and then LOADS of ketchup and sweet onion sauce on top. Revolting," the sandwich artist writes. "She said it was one of the only things she could get her teen son to eat."

7. Extra extra pickles.

Reddit user Hoganbeardy witnessed an older gentleman with a passion for pickles.

"The worker actually had to go to the back and put full pickles in the sub. Dude got like two inches of pickles in the end. After we sat down to eat, he went to the booth behind us and started eating, every bite sounded like someone was biting an apple. He ate the entire foot long, no drink, no chips."

8. Covered in onions.

"There was one guy who would order a vegetarian sub and get a little bit of vegetables on it and a ton of onions. He always asked for more," writes wefallbutoursoulsfly. "Like I mean I couldn't see anything else on the sub because there were that many onions."

9. Another take on the cookie sub.

"Once had a woman ask me for an egg salad sandwich. Normal enough, but she then proceeds to have me take white chocolate chip cookies, soak then in vinegar until soggy, and put them all over her footlong," writes former worker Hallucinatesblackmen.

10. Extra seafood.

"There a was a regular that would order a seafood sub, extra extra seafood, with American cheese, extra bacon, and southwest sauce. That's it," writes BiteItYouScum. "It was disgusting and smelled so bad."


11. Salt and pepper.

Former sandwich artist OfficerTuitslit2569 describes the most unusual sandwich he ever made.

"He gets a foot long worth of bread but says he wants nothing on it. So I ask 'Veggie?' and head over to the veggie area - and we just stare at each other and I realize he meant nothing. He asks for salt and pepper. I pause for a moment and put it on. Maybe he doesn't have any at home and wants some on. But then he asks for more. And more. And more. There's now a very strong layer of salt and pepper, as visible as if it were meat laid end to end and keep in mind there are holes in the bread so there's even more hiding. And then he pays for it, sits down and eats it. The whole thing."