The 11 most beautiful places in India for travellers

Kodaikanal is an exceptionally laid back hill station to visit in March in india in the lush Palani Hills of the Western Ghats. With a slight fog looming in mornings and evenings, it is a popular honeymooners’ destination and the sleepy traveler’s paradise. Nature walks in the overly green fields and cycling in the long stretched roads and brunches at viewpoints are some of the things you can do during your retreat here. Don’t miss the sparkling waterfalls when in Kodai.
Travellers, this is for you. While it's a great idea to travel outside the country to see new cultures, witness and feel a different way of life, meet new people and explore nature's mystic beauty, you have all of this at home too if you haven't realized it yet.

We suggest before you get on that foreign tour, explore your country first because it's got beautiful people from different origin, diverse culture, beautiful landscape, all kinds of weather to soak or chill in and not to forget - absolutely breathtaking cuisines.

So this time, take a vacation to enjoy to soak in the beaches in Andaman, relish the beauty of our ancient heritage or get onto that adventurous wildlife safari in Ranthambore.


Here are a few places that are best to visit at this time of the year: