The 15 most powerful tech companies in America


Jeff Bezos


Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos

We recently released our list of the 50 most powerful companies in America.


Unsurprisingly, several tech companies topped the rankings. So we decided to sort them into a separate list to show which command the most power.

To determine each company's level of power, we factored together fiscal 2014 revenue, number of employees, press mentions on Google News over the past year, and social media influence, as ranked on a scale of 1 to 100 by Klout, a site that analyzes social-media influence of companies and individuals across all platforms. You can read the full methodology here.

E-commerce giant Amazon took the No. 1 spot on the list, followed by Microsoft at No. 2 and AT&T at No. 3. Interestingly, tech heavyweights Apple and Google missed the top three, but cinched the No. 4 and 6 spots, respectively.

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