scorecardThe 2014 Edition Of Ford Fiesta Runs Like A Rocket On Indian Roads [Review]
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The 2014 Edition Of Ford Fiesta Runs Like A Rocket On Indian Roads [Review]

The 2014 Edition Of Ford Fiesta Runs Like A Rocket On Indian
Roads [Review]
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Ford has brought some great cars to India. The EcoSport’s success story is known to all and the Endeavour is mark of brilliance in the SUV contingent. Now, Ford has launched the 2014 edition of Ford Fiesta in India, which is nothing short of a rocket. We test drove the TDCi Titanium version of this new car. The new Ford Fiesta has a lot of new features to sport and we just couldn’t get enough of them.

Design and features
The 2014 model of Ford Fiesta has gone under the designer’s knife to become rugged and meaner. The front grille and raised bonnet gives it a spectacular look. The car looks very sporty from the front and screams ‘look at me’. We experienced it first as most youngsters turned around to see this neat little car on road. Ogling eyes did not stop with just the younger generation, the mid-aged loved it too.

Subtle changes on the side and rear of the car can also be seen, nevertheless the rear does look quite similar to the previous edition. Ford has given a large boot in the new Fiesta, 430 litres of it. This is great for a quick weekend getaway or lugging large objects. 15-inch alloy wheels give this car a neater look and add to the show.

Moving to the interiors of the Ford Fiesta 2014, the cabin is very similar to the previous edition and the Ford EcoSport. The central console is the same as the EcoSport and one can see the same level of detailing here that is found in the bigger brother. The centre console is something some might like and some might not, for us it does work. Apart from the large array of buttons on the central console, the steering has mounted controls to manage volume, calls and more as well.

Ford has introduced the Microsoft Sync feature along with Emergency 108 service in this car too. You can connect your cell phone to the car and if the car is met with an accident, the smart computer within the Ford Fiesta will call for an ambulance, giving them your exact location (no matter where you are in India).

Keyless entry and push button start are also the part of Titanium version of Ford Fiesta. Seems like ford has built this car to spoil the drivers. As far as safety is concerned, dual front airbags along with anti-lock brakes and collapsible steering column are part of the package. Rear sensors are also on board to help you park safely. Rain sensing wipers also make an appearance in this variant.

The seats are extra comfortable in this low ride. The front ones hug you nicely and there is good thigh support. However, there is slightly less room for the rear passengers.

Press the clutch, push the ignition start button and you are ready zoom off. Literally zoom off. This car is built for performance the 1.5 litre TDCi diesel engine in the Ford Fiesta 2014 is nothing short of a rocket. The 5 speed manual shift gear box is great and the car steers like a dream. The power steering system works truly well and you can manoeuvre this car with extreme ease. The car handles like a dream in tough city traffic and on the highways.

Ford Fiesta responds nicely to the slightest tap of the throttle. We were able to quickly shift gears and speed through. This was achieved due to the 91 PS power the diesel engine is capable of producing. Ford claims the new Fiesta will give fuel economy of 25.01 KMPL, but one would not want to drive this car economically.

Ford Fiesta gets a thumbs up in our books. The consumers get good looks, nice ICE system, superb power, decent safety and nice mileage, and oh did we mention great looks. Yes, Ford is asking for a shiny penny for this car. But it is definitely worth every penny spent. The ex-showroom price for Ford Fiesta Titanium is Rs 9,29,449.