The 3 plays in sports everybody will be talking about today




Good morning! Here are the plays everybody will be talking about Thursday:

The Kevin Gausman ejection. After all the fireworks between the Orioles and the Red Sox involving Manny Machado the last couple of weeks, the umpires were on a heightened alert Wednesday. Well, in the second inning, a 77 mph curveball got away from Gausman, hitting Xander Bogaerts. Gausman was immediately ejected and most of the reaction has been that the umpire made a huge mistake, especially after Chris Sale was not ejected the night before for throwing a pitch that looked a lot more intentional than this one.


LeBron James made a three-pointer look like a free throw. The Cavs are cruising, beating the Raptors 125-103 in Game 2, moving the Cavs to 6-0 in the playoffs this year. James, especially, is playing with all sorts of confidence. At one point in the second quarter, James peaked over at the shot clock. He then spun the ball in hands as if he were prepping for a free throw and then drained a three-pointer. He basically told the entire arena he was going to shoot and the defense still didn't stop him. Incredible. 



Yankees rookie hits yet another home run. Yankees rookie Aaron Judge hit his MLB-leading 13th home run on Wednesday, a 435-foot shot to straight-away center. The Yankees rookie record for home runs is 29, set 81 years ago by Joe DiMaggio. This one cut the Blue Jays' lead to 6-5 and the Yankees would come back to win 8-6.


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