The 7 movies or TV shows coming to Netflix this week that are worth watching

The 7 movies or TV shows coming to Netflix this week that are worth watching

blazing saddles

Warner Bros.

"Blazing Saddles"


New titles come and go on Netflix every week, but choosing what to stream can be a daunting task.

That's why, every week, Business Insider rounds up which of the newly arrived movies and TV shows on Netflix are actually worth watching.

This week's titles include the classic-horror film "The Shining" and the return of Netflix's animated comedy, "Big Mouth."

New movies and TV shows coming this week:

  • "Blade" and "Blade II" (Movies - coming Monday, October 1): Marvel has practically given up on the half-human, half-vampire daywalker known as Blade - both on screen and in the comics. Fortunately, you can re-live the first two "Blade" movies, starring Wesley Snipes in the title role, on Netflix starting Monday.
  • "Blazing Saddles" (Movie - coming Monday, October 1): Mel Brooks' classic western-comedy, starring the late, great Gene Wilder, is now available to stream.
  • "Mystic River" (Movie - coming Monday, October 1): Director Clint Eastwood's 2003 drama, starring Sean Penn and Tim Robbins, won both of those actors Oscars and was also nominated for best picture, best director, and more.
  • "The Shining" (Movie - coming Monday, October 1): Stanley Kubrick's classic-Stephen King adaptation arrives just in time for Halloween.
  • "V For Vendetta" (Movie - coming Monday, October 1): Director James McTeigue hasn't made a good movie since his directorial debut with "V For Vendetta," but it's a compelling-enough adaptation of Alan Moore's graphic novel of the same name, with great performances from Natalie Portman and Hugo Weaving and slick action sequences.
  • "Big Mouth" Season 2 (TV show - coming Friday, October 5): Nick Kroll's crude but hilarious animated comedy about teenagers experiencing puberty with the help of "hormone monsters" returns on Friday after a brilliant first season.