The 8 Best Moments From Rasheed Wallace's Tragically Short Knicks Comeback



Rasheed Wallace is likely done for the season with a broken foot, the Knicks announced today.

The 38-year old played in just 20 games this year. In those games the Knicks were 16-4, and his sheer presence made New York one of the more enjoyable teams in the NBA.

Although it was all too short, his comeback was nothing less than a raging success. He didn't put up gaudy numbers, but he was productive in limited minutes and gave the second-unit some much needed shot blocking. In the on-court highlight of his comeback, he scored 12 points and grabbed 7 rebounds in a road win against the Heat without Carmelo Anthony.

But basketball has always been only half the story with Sheed.


He was weird and passionate and petulant, but so authentic that he came off endearing while pulling the exact same antics that most NBA players get derided for.

Sheed will be missed not just by Knicks fans, but by anyone who's drawn to the archetype of the eccentric NBA player that he invented.

Until Sheed's foot heals and he makes his inevitable return to the NBA, let's remember him by these eight great Knicks moments.

1. Sheed puts on the championship belt after beating the Heat:


2. An anecdote from Sheed in training camp:

3. Sheed creeps on coach Mike Woodson:

4. Sheed leaps off the bench and enters the game as the crowd chants his name during the first game:


5. Sheed screams, "Ball don't lie!" directly into a microphone:

6. Sheed teaches Iman Shumpert to shoot a left-handed three pointer:

7. Sheed wears capris for his first practice:


8. Sheed gets ejected after playing 85 seconds: