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The Apple Watch: Will It Be A Huge Hit In India?

The Apple Watch: Will It Be A Huge Hit In India?
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Apple has always been innovating, and taking technology and gadgets to the next level. The team is filled with visionaries who design, illustrate and produce impressive products for consumers. Apple watch is the latest example of their futuristic vision, hard work and impressive capability to bring out a well-detailed world-class creation.

The new of a new watch coming from Apple’s camp had been doing round since 2013, but the secret was revealed recently. Along with the launch of two new iPhones, Apple unveiled the timekeeper everyone had been waiting for—the Apple Watch, one of the most anticipated products of the year.

The new watch will start retailing at $349 ( roughly Rs 21,000). Indians may or may not shell out a premium for the product, but that question would arise only once it hits the Indian markets. As of now, Apple hasn’t announced launch date for this masterpiece, but we expect it to be here as early as the middle of 2015.

Will Apple Watch Make It Big In India?
First, look at this introduction video of the Apple Watch.

Apple left no stone unturned. It is a great piece of art that has been carved to perfection. Its three variants: Watch, Watch Sport and Watch Edition, will appeal to people of all age groups; especially those in awe of the wearable. However, one might need to pay a bit extra for Sport and Edition version of the watch.

The premium feel and fine artistry can be seen all around the watch. Starting from the classic dial, which doubles up as the management button to the brilliant strap options, users will get the best of everything. These many customisations are not available in any other smart watch.

Next thing which will work superbly in favour of the Watch is its brilliant and stunning interface. Although the screen size is slightly small, but the all-new interface, sleek design, and premium finish the consumers won’t have much to complain about. The only hitch would be its battery life that the initial reports suggest needs to be charged twice in a day. Only a larger battery that lasts for at least a day will keep consumers happy.

The biggest roadblock to the success of iWatch in India: the fact that it’s compatible with just iPhone6 and iPhone 5 versions. People buying the latest watch would prefer using it with the latest iPhone6, but high price of iPhone 6 could act as a deterrent. Yes, Apple hasn’t officially announced the iPhone6 prices yet, but as much as we know Apple, the phone should be priced anywhere between Rs 60,000–72,000. Now, this is a premium, which will surely pinch the end user.

Apple India needs to package the iWatch and iPhone 6 in a way that customers end up buying the watch with the iPhone. Maybe a discount on iWatch if one picks it up with iPhone 6 will do the trick.

All in all, the Apple Watch does have the right mix to become a super hit in the country, but to make it a sure-shot winner Apple India should get the pricing correct.