The beloved blockbuster video game series 'BioShock' could come back to life after 5 years

The beloved blockbuster video game series 'BioShock' could come back to life after 5 years


2K Games

  • The beloved blockbuster "BioShock" series has been dormant for five years.
  • According to a report in Kotaku, a new "BioShock" game is currently in development.
  • The rumored project hasn't been announced, and the studio reportedly working on it is brand new.

It sounds like a new "BioShock" is in the works.

The first-person shooter series, that's beloved for its style and story. is apparently getting an entirely new entry, according to a new report on Kotaku.

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The last game in the series, "BioShock Infinite," was released in 2013. It was a gorgeous, ambitious first-person shooter with a lot of flaws. Nonetheless, the series remains beloved by fans, and it looks like another one is on the way.

According to Kotaku, the project is currently code-named "Parkside" and is being developed by a small group in Novato, California. There are next to no details about it outside of its existence.


One thing is clear: The "BioShock" series is a blockbuster, and it makes perfect sense that a new game would be in the works. The last major entry was made with the last generation of game consoles in mind, and there's been ample time for publisher 2K Games to start work on a whole new game for the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 generation.

For now, 2K hasn't officially announced a new game in the "BioShock" series, nor did the publisher respond to request for comment.