The biggest game in the world, 'Fortnite,' is finally coming to the Nintendo Switch

The biggest game in the world, 'Fortnite,' is finally coming to the Nintendo Switch

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  • "Fortnite" is headed to the Nintendo Switch - a perfect marriage of an absurdly popular game with an absurdly popular game console.
  • Nintendo announced the news at E3 2018, the annual video game industry trade show, in Los Angeles.
  • The game's arrival on Switch has been hotly anticipated by fans - and even some celebrities.

It's finally happening: "Fortnite" is coming to the Nintendo Switch. And it's coming out immediately, at 10 a.m. PT on Tuesday morning.

Nintendo announced the news on Tuesday morning during its annual briefing at E3, the video game industry trade show held in Los Angeles.

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Like with every other platform that "Fortnite" is available on, the game's wildly popular Battle Royale mode will be free-to-play on the Switch as well.

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Keep hearing about "Fortnite" and don't know what it is?

The part of "Fortnite" that's so incredibly popular is the Battle Royale mode, which pits 100 real players against each other in a kill-or-be-killed scenario. The last person to survive wins the round - a so-called "Victory Royale."

The game mixes third-person shooting in a surreal, cartoony world with the ability to rapidly construct structures. It's a complex, silly, and - most importantly - free game that's available on nearly every platform: PC, Mac, iPhone/iPad, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4. It's headed to Android devices this summer.

And now, it's also on the Nintendo Switch.