The biggest star on YouTube wants people to stop coming to his house


Having the most subscribers on YouTube definitely has its perks. Felix "PewDiePie" Kjellberg has legions of adoring fans and he does pretty well for himself, all from yelling about video games on the internet. 


Unfortunately, that fame has come at a price for Kjellberg. In one of his latest videos, succinctly titled "Don't come to my house..," he candidly pleads for his viewers to, well, stop coming to his house:

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He made this video in response to fans who have found his address online and made uninvited visits to his home since he started his YouTube account in 2010. 

"If you do come to my house, I will not greet you, and I will not take a picture with you," Kjellberg said. "If you came from really far away, well, I'm sorry, you shouldn't have done that."


To be fair, Kjellberg is totally in the right here. He may be a public figure with a huge audience, but he has a right to set boundaries just like anyone else.

YouTube produces a particular brand of celebrity that feels more accessible to viewers than Hollywood actors. Tons of people watch Kjellerg humorously comment on video games and think to themselves, "I could do this, this guy is just like me!"

Unfortunately, that leads to situations where fans feel their relationships with Kjellberg or other YouTube stars go beyond fandom, into the realm of friendship. As Kjellberg makes very clear in that video, he doesn't agree, and you should stay away from his house.

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